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The media often focuses on statistics that emphasize how dangerous commercial trucking accidents are for passenger vehicle occupants, but that doesn’t mean truck drivers are safe from injuries in collisions. Truck drivers in Virginia put their lives on the line every time they get behind the wheel. When a reckless, negligent, distracted, or drunk driver causes a truck accident and the commercial driver suffers an injury, that driver has legal rights.

A compassionate Richmond truck driver injury lawyer at Pendleton Law will up for the rights of injured truck drivers in Central Virginia. Our Richmond personal injury lawyers represent commercial drivers with serious or catastrophic injuries after on-the-job accidents, as well as surviving loved ones after a fatal wreck. Our firm aims to get more for clients than a workers’ compensation claim can alone. Find out what your case is worth during a free evaluation.

When Other Drivers Cause Truck Accidents in Virginia?

Driving around large commercial trucks can spark reckless behaviors from passenger vehicle drivers. Some might speed and weave through lanes to avoid getting stuck behind a large truck, while others might drive erratically or lose control of their vehicles out of fear. Many drivers overestimate the maneuverability of large trucks, putting themselves in dangerous positions. Cutting a truck driver off and slamming on the brakes, for example, could cause a rear-end collision since the truck driver cannot stop in time to prevent an accident.

If another driver causes a truck accident that results in injury to the commercial driver, the driver may reserve the right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Although Virginia is a no-fault insurance state, the at-fault party can still face liability in the form of a lawsuit. If a workers’ compensation insurance claim doesn’t result in enough damage recovery, a lawsuit might. Contact a Richmond truck accident attorney at our firm if you believe you have a case against another driver for causing your truck accident.

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When a Trucking Company Causes an Accident?

One of the risks you run as a commercial truck driver is that the company you work for makes a critical error that causes an accident. Improper fleet maintenance, lack of employee training, dangerous routes, unsafe cargo loading, and pressuring drivers to meet tight deadlines are all examples of mistakes a trucking company could make that can lead to a preventable crash. If you have a suspicion that your employer should have done something more to prevent your recent truck accident, discuss your possible rights, including filing a claim outside of workers’ compensation, with a Richmond truck driver injury lawyer.

The Virginia workers’ compensation system isn’t your only option after a work-related injury. Workers’ comp can result in reimbursement of your medical bills, disability costs, and two-thirds lost wages, but what about your property damage or pain and suffering? Only a personal injury lawsuit can result in full compensation for your damages. Before you agree to a workers’ compensation settlement and give up your right to file a claim against your employer, call (804) 554-4444 to ask a Richmond accident attorney about the possibility of a lawsuit.

Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a Virginia trucking company for negligence can be the best way to obtain maximum compensation. You might also have the right to file against a third party, such as another driver, a truck manufacturer, the owner of the truck, or the agency in charge of roadway maintenance. Explore your options with an experienced truck driver injury lawyer in Richmond.

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Pendleton Law is proud to stand up for the rights of injured and killed commercial truck drivers in Richmond, Virginia. If you’d like to know your rights and potential avenues for financial compensation, contact our firm and request a free consultation with a Richmond truck driver injury lawyer. We want to protect you and your family during this difficult time.

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