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Have you been hurt in a Suffolk, Virginia, Uber accident? If so, you may be dealing with climbing medical debt, lost income, and future uncertainty. The Pendleton Law Team is aware of the psychological and financial toll a rideshare accident can have on you and your loved ones. We are a personal injury law firm whose lawyers manage Suffolk Uber accident cases.

You can navigate injury claim steps with the help of our skilled auto accident lawyers near Suffolk as they battle for just compensation. We are confident in our capacity to represent you and defend your rights since we have a demonstrated track record of success in resolving Uber accident claims. Arrange a free consultation and begin the process of recovery today.

Which Injuries Will Uber Cover in an Accident Claim?

Uber has insurance coverage that applies to accidents involving their drivers, but the specific injuries that are covered may depend on the circumstances of the accident and the insurance policy in question. Here’s an overview of the types of injuries and components that may be covered in an Uber accident claim:

  1. Physical injuries: Uber’s insurance policy typically covers physical injuries sustained by passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians involved in the accident. This can include injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries.
  2. Emotional injuries: If the accident causes emotional injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression, these may also be covered by Uber’s insurance policy.
  3. Property damage: If the accident causes damage to your vehicle or other property, Uber’s insurance policy may cover the cost of repairs or replacement.
  4. Loss of income: If you are unable to work due to injuries sustained in the accident, Uber’s insurance policy may cover your lost income and future earning potential.

It’s important to note that the specific coverage available may depend on several factors, including the circumstances of the accident, the driver’s status at the time of the accident, and the amount of insurance coverage available. Having a lawyer present during the investigation will ensure that important evidence and facts are properly applied to make a determination.

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The Timeline for Settlement of an Uber Accident Case in Suffolk County

Several variables, such as the seriousness of the injuries, if the case was filed within the statute of limitations deadline, and the insurance company’s willingness to negotiate a reasonable settlement, might affect how long it takes to resolve an Uber accident case. In general, settling an Uber accident case might take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

The severity of your injuries is one of the most important variables that can affect how quickly our lawyers can move your Suffolk Uber accident case along. The length of time it takes to reach a settlement may depend on how serious the injuries are and if they require continuous medical care.

A settlement may also require more evidence to be gathered and may require more difficult talks if there are questions regarding the case’s culpability or fault.

Having said that, keep in mind that every Uber accident case is different, and the settlement timetable might vary significantly based on the details of the case. Our skilled Uber accident lawyers put in endless effort to make sure that our Suffolk County clients get the complete and just compensation they are entitled to as soon as possible.

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Which Party Is At Fault in an Uber Collision?

Assigning fault in an Uber collision can be a complex process that requires a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the collision. When you file your Suffolk accident claim with our personal injury lawyers, they’ll join the investigation to hold one of the following parties liable:

The Uber Driver

The driver of the Uber vehicle may be at fault if they were driving negligently or recklessly at the time of the collision. For example, if the driver was speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving distractedly, they may be found at fault for the collision.

Other Drivers Involved in the Collision

If other drivers were involved in the collision, they may be at fault if they were driving recklessly or negligently. For example, if another driver ran a red light and collided with the Uber vehicle, they may be found at fault for the collision.


In some cases, Uber may be held liable for a collision if they were responsible for the actions of their driver. For example, if Uber failed to properly screen or train their driver, they may be held liable for any resulting collisions.

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You deserve full compensation for any injuries and losses incurred from a collision with an Uber driver in Suffolk County, VA. Lawyers from the Pendleton Law Team have earned the name “Heavy Hitters®” due to our skills at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. Contact us today to schedule a free case review to determine what you need to fully recover from this.

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