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Someone else’s negligence shouldn’t have an impact on your life. Unfortunately, drivers who ignore roadways laws endanger you and your loved ones. When these drivers cause accidents, it’s you who can end up dealing with the consequences.

You don’t have to let that negligence go unanswered. Instead, you can take your losses to a Suffolk, VA, car accident attorney. Christina Pendleton & Associates can help you bring a liable party to court. In turn, you can fight for the compensation you need to address your car accident damages.

Contending With Car Accident Bills

Car accidents are some of the best-known causes of severe injury and property damage. That’s why Virginia drivers are supposed to uphold roadway laws. Roadway legislation can prevent the worst forms of damage from impacting one another’s families.

Unfortunately, not every driver takes this duty of care seriously. Drivers who neglect one another’s safety can be brought to court over a victim’s losses, of course, but the matter of proving liability can be tricky.

Virginia operates on a pure understanding of contributory negligence, as outlined by Code of Virginia § 8.01-58. This means that any contribution of yours to the accident in question can cause you to lose out on compensation. You’ll need a firm understanding of who to hold responsible for your losses if you want to carry your case forward.

Liability in Virginia’s Car Accident Cases

Drivers owe one another diligence when they’re on the road. Motorists who run stop signs, don’t signal when changing lanes, or otherwise violate roadway law can be held responsible for your losses.

Other parties, however, can also bear responsibility for a car accident. Construction crews who don’t appropriately separate their work from the road can cause your accident, as can manufacturers who don’t safety test your vehicle. Even government officials who delay roadway repair may be liable for your losses.

To determine car accident liability, it’s best to look at the evidence gathered on the scene. You can let an attorney work with law enforcement and third-party investigators to determine what happened at the scene and who you can hold responsible.

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How to Respond to a Car Accident Settlement Offer

Today’s corporations contribute to a significant percentage of the traffic drivers see on the road. As you’re making your way from Point A to Point B, you’re as likely to get into an accident with a rideshare, truck, or commercial vehicle as you are with a private driver.

If you do get into an accident with a commercial vehicle, the company in question may offer you a settlement. These offers can get you the compensation you need without you having to go through the legal process. However, they can also undersell how much money you might otherwise receive for your losses.

It’s always a good idea to run a settlement offer past Suffolk car accident attorneys. This way, we can determine what your maximum compensation might look like and how a settlement compares. We can even negotiate on your behalf, should you want to argue for more financial support.

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How to Ask for Car Accident Compensation

When you request car accident compensation, you’re not asking for a liable party to solely replace your damaged property. Car accident cases allow you to ask for compensation for both your economic and non-economic losses. When you first present your case before a Virginia court, you can bring forward a compensation estimate that includes:

  • Medical expenses related to your car accident
  • The cost of damaged property replacement or repair
  • The anticipated cost of upcoming surgeries
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death, as applicable
  • Loss of consortium

To begin calculating your alleged accident compensation, turn to the other car accident cases heard throughout Suffolk. When you can reference precedent in a car accident case, you’ll have a better chance to support your estimated compensation.

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Drafting a Car Accident Complaint

All proceedings related to car accident losses, whether conducted independently or in court, must begin with a complaint. Complaints as documents outline the extent of your losses and your belief regarding liability. You need to submit a comprehensive document alongside preliminary evidence to a county clerk in Suffolk if you want to pursue financial support.

Note that Virginia operates on a pure contributory negligence policy. This means that if you at all contributed to your car accident, you will not have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. Fortunately, you can prepare to contest accusations of fault with our car accident attorneys in Suffolk before negotiations or a trial.

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Virginia Gives You Two Years to Pursue Compensation

Under most circumstances, you’ll want to address your car accident-related losses as quickly as you can. The state of Virginia feels much the same way. That’s why the state implemented its statute of limitations. This statute, Code of Virginia §8.01-243(A), gives you two years to take legal action over personal injuries, including car accidents.

You’ll need to have filed your complaint within this deadline if you want it to have any legal backing. Any attempt to negotiate for compensation outside of this deadline will not be valid in the eyes of Virginia courts.

Scheduling an Initial Case Consultation

The legalities surrounding car accident cases can be difficult to parse for someone who isn’t familiar with state law. Fortunately, Christina Pendleton & Associates has worked with over 80,000 clients since the inception of the firm. We know how to effectively bring your case before a county clerk.

Our car accident lawyers in Suffolk do more than help you build your case. When it comes time to submit your complaint, we’ll:

  • Keep communications between you and other parties civil
  • Back your claim for compensation with well-researched evidence
  • Support you in negotiations and in trial situations
  • Communicate with witnesses, law enforcement, and the defense on your behalf
  • Submit applicable documents within state-mandated deadlines

You won’t have to worry about the cost of our legal fees, either. We do not bill you for services rendered at any point. You can discuss our contingency fee agreements during an initial consultation with a car accident lawyer in Suffolk.

Overcome Car Accident Losses With Pendleton Law

Recovering from a car accident takes a considerable amount of mental energy. If you’re contending with injuries or property damage, you’ll want to know that you can address those needs without introducing even more stress into your life.

Christina Pendleton & Associates wants to make your car accident recovery less difficult. If you want help addressing the legal aspects of your accident, you can call on the car accident lawyers in Suffolk, VA, for guidance. Arrange a free case consultation over the phone or through our online form, and we’ll fight for your accident compensation.

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