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Forces like contributory negligence can make your fight for car accident compensation feel impossible. However, it’s in the face of these obstacles that you can turn to a Chesterfield car accident attorney.

You can let our team walk you through your recovery options. You can pursue settlement negotiations or a trial depending on the severity of your losses. Christina Pendleton & Associates will help you identify a liable party and then represent you until your case concludes.

Common Car Accident Expenses

Car accidents are more than dangerous. You may have all manner of new expenses to deal with after a collision. There is some silver lining to come with these losses, though. When you account for their monetary value, you can request equivalent compensation.

To ask for financial support after a car accident, you need to present an estimate of your losses to a county clerk. The best way to do this is with a civil complaint. Filing a complaint won’t start off a trial. Rather, it will give you the legal footing you need to issue a summons and start financial negotiations.

What kind of support can you ask for, though? The average complaint includes coverage requests for:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Loss of opportunities to work or wages
  • Wrongful death
  • Funeral costs

If you’re not sure if you can include a particular loss in your request for compensation, ask our team. We can calculate your maximum compensation on your behalf.

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How to Address Car Accident Settlement Offers

Civil suits involving commercial vehicles are different from ones targeting private drivers. In some cases, commercial companies like Uber, Lyft, or even local businesses may offer you a settlement before you have time to file.

You can wait before accepting a settlement offer. Instead, we can calculate your estimated compensation ahead of time. When you have that number ready, you can compare and contrast it against any settlement offers you receive. In turn, you can use the evidence you’ve gathered to negotiate for more coverage.

You don’t even have to do this negotiating on your own. When you work with a car accident lawyer in Chesterfield, VA, we’ll manage your communications with a liable party for you.

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How to Take a Car Accident Claim to Court

If you’re unhappy with your settlement offer, you can take your car accident case to court. You can do this with a civil complaint. Your complaint needs to detail the identity of the party you want to hold liable for your losses. It should also elaborate on the economic value of your losses.

Finally, you’ll want to include an estimate of your compensation. This estimate can include medical bills, property damage, and non-economic damages. If you’re not sure what the value of your losses looks like, you can refer to both your bills and previous cases filed throughout Virginia.

The process of submitting a complaint to a county clerk does not automatically set you up for a trial. Instead, complaints submitted within Virginia’s statute of limitations give you the legal right to issue a summons against another party. These documents begin the legal process – but without them, you may waive your right to financial support.

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Working Within Virginia’s Statute of Limitations

Code of Virginia §8.01-243 limits the amount of time you have to bring your case to the attention of a county clerk. You have two years from the day your accident takes place to request judicial attention. If you file within this time period and a court takes up your case, you can start negotiating with a liable party.

If you don’t file your complaint within this time period, you won’t have any opportunities to request compensation for your losses. You can, however, discuss alternative statutes of limitations depending on the nature of your losses.

Note, too, that you must report all car accidents within the state of Virginia within 24 hours of their occurrences. You’ll also want to file your insurance claim within 30 days of your accident if you want to request coverage for your losses. Our car accident attorneys in Chesterfield can help you stay on top of these deadlines.

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Car Accident Fault and You

There are a few different parties that can be held liable for a car accident in Virginia. Other drivers can bear the brunt of the blame for your losses. However, mechanics, manufacturers, and even government officials may also be responsible for your losses.

You can work with us to name the party you want to summon to negotiations. Do note, though, that you should have evidence backing your claim on hand. Furthermore, you’ll want to have evidence refuting your involvement in the accident on standby.

Virginia may be an at-fault state, but it also operates on pure contributory negligence law. If it appears that you contributed even a percent of the fault in your accident, you’ll lose the chance to request compensation from your insurer and from a civil court.

Count on a Car Accident Lawyer for Guidance

Contending with the legalities of a civil suit after a car accident isn’t always easy. While the funds that a suit can win can do you a lot of good, it can be difficult to get to that point.

That, however, is where we take over. Instead of making you do the bulk of the work in your suit, we can:

  • Manage your case communications
  • Gather evidence of fault
  • Challenge accusations of fault leveled at you
  • Represent you in negotiations or in court
  • Submit essential documents within state deadlines

You can schedule a consultation with the car accident lawyers in Chesterfield to learn more about our services. There, you can even learn about our contingency fee agreements, which will see you receive comprehensive legal services at no charge.

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Civil courts are open to everyone who wants to pursue an applicable suit. You don’t have to worry about the cost or time investment. Instead, you can let a Chesterfield, VA, car accident attorney maneuver through legal mess on your behalf. If you’re struggling with car accident losses, we’ll fight for your maximum settlement.

Let us get to know you during an initial case consultation. You can contact the office of Christina Pendleton & Associates via phone or through our website to schedule your first appointment.

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