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As Chesterfield slip-and-fall lawyers, we fight to get you compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and any pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident. Every facet of your personal injury case is ready to be handled by our knowledgeable legal team.

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim if you or a loved one was injured in a slip-and-fall accident because a business failed to maintain a safe environment. You can battle for the best settlement by enlisting the aid of Pendleton Law.

Four Things to Do Following a Slip and Fall Accident

Organize your case in the following ways to strengthen it and increase your chances of receiving a greater settlement:

  1. If you notice any sign of injury, visit your nearest urgent care facility or an emergency hospital. Your priority should be your health.
  2. Take as many pictures and angles of the hazardous situation that led to your fall as you can.
  3. Report the event to the company in writing, detailing what transpired and any injuries suffered.
  4. Get in touch with a slip-and-fall attorney to discuss your concerns and case alternatives.

While you are still recovering from your injuries and receiving medical care, our legal team will start looking into the facts of your case.

Factors That Affect Slip-and-Fall Settlements in Virginia

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A personal injury claim’s settlement amount is influenced by several factors. After consulting with a slip and fall accident attorney in Chesterfield, you will have an estimate of your case’s value. Each slip-and-fall case is different but the following variables can affect the payout:

Damage Type

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The size of your settlement may vary depending on the type of damage you have. Larger payouts are often the consequence of more severe injuries like paralysis or third-degree burns as opposed to soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash or sprains. The following are some of the more typical injury types:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury: The most frequent injury connected with falls is a concussion. Although head injuries can range in severity from moderate to severe, they can nevertheless cause memory loss and cognitive difficulties for the wounded person.
  2. Bone Fractures: A broken bone occurs in about five percent of slip-and-fall victims, and treatment can be complicated depending on where it breaks, your age, and your condition at the time of the fall. In a slip-and-fall accident, bone breakage most frequently occurs in the arm, leg, ankle, tailbone, and hip.
  3. Soft-tissue Damage: Muscles, ligaments, and tendons can all be injured, resulting in soft tissue damage. Knee ligament tears and torn bicep tendons are two instances of soft tissue injuries that call for surgery to repair.
  4. Neck and Back Injuries: Whiplash victims frequently have these injuries, but many may choose not to seek emergency medical attention because it can take a few days for symptoms to manifest. Limited movement, headaches, numbness, shooting pains in the extremities, difficulty sleeping, and other symptoms are some of the symptoms.
  5. Injuries to the Spinal Cord: These can include everything from a severed spine to a bulging or herniated disk. Both wounds can necessitate surgery, inpatient care, and extensive rehabilitation.

Depending on how much your injuries have changed your life, your settlement amount will vary. Your attorney will ensure that your payment is sufficient to pay for your future medical bills.

Losses and Damages

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A slip-and-fall injury can permanently alter a person’s life. Our personal injury lawyers are available to assist you. We are aware that any of these wounds may lead to severe losses, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Distress and suffering
  • Emotional costs brought on by the wounds
  • Permanent injuries or limitations

Your accident lawyer will battle with the insurance company to get you compensated for all of your accident-related damages, including lost future income.

Evidence and Liability Proof

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The following information supports your claim and aids your attorney in establishing liability:

  • Images that were taken at the scene of the injury (multiple angles)
  • Witness or staff statements 
  • Security camera footage

Liability results from a company’s obligation to treat its customers with the utmost “duty of care.” Regardless of involvement, the property owner is liable if you are harmed as a result of their carelessness or negligence. Liable situations include, for example:

  • Slick or wet floors
  • Walkway impediments
  • Cords for electricity
  • Flooring or carpet that is in poor condition
  • Faulty steps or ramps
  • Failure to alert clients or visitors of risks that can’t be rectified right away (such as by setting up an orange cone or warning placard over the affected area)

Strategy to Establish Liability for a Slip and Fall Accident

Without legal representation, it can be difficult to resolve a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer must establish three things in order to prevail:

  • Notice: That the property or business owner either knew about the hazardous situation or should have known about it
  • Duty: The company was required to repair the unsafe situation or alert the public to it
  • Damages: That the hazardous situation injured you

We’ll look into your case and hold the responsible party accountable for fairly paying you.

How a Lawyer Can Help With a Slip and Fall Settlement

In some cases, our lawyers can work out a favorable settlement with the property owner’s insurance provider. When we don’t, we consult with you and put up a valiant fight in front of a jury or an arbitration hearing.

Our Chesterfield attorneys who specialize in slip and fall accidents go above and beyond to prioritize your health and the welfare of your family. We recognize that after being harmed, you need to concentrate on getting better and keeping your daily life afloat.

Our experienced attorneys work hard to obtain the financial recompense you are due.

In-Person Legal Advice on Slip and Fall Settlements

Don’t go up against the insurance company alone and let them discredit you or your claim. At Pendleton Law, our consultation is free and we only charge a fee if we win your case! Contact a slip and fall accident lawyer if you were injured due to a slip and fall in Chesterfield.

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