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A “slip and fall” accident is a shorthand term for premises liability. If you get injured on someone else’s property because of their negligence, you can sue for compensation. Slipping and falling is just one of the most common ways these cases happen.

If you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, you need to act fast. Pendleton Law has slip and fall accident lawyers serving Wytheville who can get to work collecting evidence before the property owner has time to cover it up. Unlike a car accident case, there might not be a police report to fall back on.

What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

First, if you need immediate medical attention, call for it. If you cannot, ask someone to call for you. If you don’t need to go right away, report the injury to a property owner or manager before you leave and ask for an accident report. Tell them exactly what happened, but do not assume, exaggerate, or try to fill in details.

Also, if you have a smartphone, take photos and video of the scene, where you fell, and the surrounding area. Try also to get the contact information of anyone who saw you fell, including names, emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.

On the same day, seek medical attention if you can and explain to the doctor what happened to you. They can find injuries hidden by adrenaline and create a medical report to prove your injury and how bad it is.

Next, write down what you remember about your incident. What were you doing before, during, and after? Make a note of the date and the time you wrote this down. Finally, preserve the condition of any clothes or personal items that were damaged or bloodied at the scene.

Why Do All This?

To win a slip and fall case, a premises liability lawyer has to prove four things:

  • Were you at the scene lawfully and thus under a duty of care from the property owner?
  • Was there evidence of negligence, like a wet or unclean floor, a loose railing, or something else that could hurt you?
  • Did one of those negligent things cause your injury?
  • What was the extent of your injuries and how much compensation do you need to repair them?

By acting quickly after your slip and fall, you can help your lawyer make a much stronger case. This can get you more money and faster compensation. Yet even if you couldn’t get any evidence, like if you were knocked out cold and woke up at the hospital, our lawyers can help you.

For instance, we can interview paramedics who picked you up at the scene and seek witnesses who might have seen what happened. There are a lot of strategies our slip and fall attorneys can do to prove you have a case.

What Do You Need to Avoid?

There are some things you shouldn’t do because they’ll jeopardize your case, and many of them could happen in the heat of the moment. First, do not make excuses for what happened. Even saying “I’m fine” could be used against you. Also, do not let your anger make you say something rash.

When you’re seeking witnesses, only find out if they saw what happened. If you get into a conversation about what exactly happened with them, it could weaken their testimony. You might give them information they didn’t know.

Also, sign nothing that the property owner or manager might give you. They may ask you to do so as part of their reporting procedures. You might sign away your right to sue. Likewise, do not threaten them with a lawsuit. Anger and legal threats lower your credibility. Instead, let our lawyers do the talking about compensation.

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How Much Compensation Could You Receive?

It varies depending on what happened to you. The severity of your injuries, the type and severity of the negligence that injured you, and the consequences of your injuries on your ability to earn income and live your life all play a factor.

However, you can be assured that our lawyers will search for every penny that you could be entitled to and fight for the full amount. All you have to do is follow the advice of your doctor and your attorney while you heal.

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Can You Negotiate with the Insurance Company Yourself?

This is not a good idea. Insurance companies do not want to pay out the proper value of claims. They will try to discredit your story and your injuries to keep you from getting it, including saying that you contributed to your accident.

That’s a big deal in Virginia because if you contribute to your accident you cannot claim compensation in court. That removes a major lever our lawyers use to force insurers to pay what you’re truly owed.

If an insurer contacts you before you’ve contacted a lawyer, do not speak with them or sign anything they give you. The surest way to protect your compensation is to call a slip and fall accident attorney as soon as a doctor has diagnosed you.

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