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Did you know Virginia requires rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to extend up to $1 million in compensation per accident if you meet certain conditions? You can see if you qualify with the help of Pendleton Law’s rideshare accident lawyers in Wytheville.

You’ll learn about these conditions in a moment, but one thing you’ll definitely need is a lawyer on your side. Rideshare companies and their insurers will try to fight your claims. You need someone who knows how to fight them successfully, like the team at Pendleton Law.

$1 Million Per Accident – It’s The Law

Virginia defines rideshare companies as “transportation network companies.” Section 46.2-2009.52 covers their insurance requirements. It must provide motor vehicle liability coverage for death, bodily injury, and property damage. The minimum is $1 million in coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is also part of the law from the moment a passenger enters the vehicle until they exit for the same value. This means that if you’re a passenger in a rideshare accident, you have access to substantial compensation.

For drivers logged into the app but who haven’t accepted a ride request, the coverage limits are different. Virginia requires at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per incident for death and bodily injury, as well as at least $25,000 in property damage.

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What Must Your Lawyer Prove?

Like any other car accident case, your lawyer has to prove duty, breach, causation, and damages to win your claim. But for rideshare accident cases, another important thing to prove is the status of the rideshare app at the time of the accident.

Phone records and records from rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft can prove the status of the app. If the app was off, then the car accident would proceed like any other car accident claim.

If it was on, that gives your lawyer more ways to get compensation for your accident. Even if there are multiple victims to split the $1 million in coverage, that can still be quite a lot of money. Plus, personal insurance carried by the drivers may also apply.

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What Are Duty, Breach, Causation, and Damages?

These four concepts are at the heart of all personal injury cases. If we can prove them, you can get compensation. Here’s a brief description of each one:

Duty of Care

Did someone owe you a reasonable amount of caution to keep you from harm? All drivers have an automatic duty of care toward others on the road, so this is the simplest to prove. Any piece of evidence that proves who was driving at the time of the crash will do.

Breach of Duty

Was that duty broken somehow? Did someone take their eyes off the road to look at a text message or grab a bite to eat? Did they cut you off, run a stop sign, or were DUI? These are all examples of breaches of the duty of care.


Someone can break the duty of care but not be liable. We have to show that the breach caused your damages. A medical record near the time of the accident can prove you were hurt, how badly, and how it likely happened. When you see your doctor, tell them you were in a crash so they can note it in your record.


Were the consequences of the crash, the damages, enough to make a claim? A light tap on the bumper that shakes you a bit but doesn’t cause an injury may not be enough to make a claim. However, don’t write off your case as too minor to bother with a claim until you’ve spoken with a rideshare accident lawyer.

The insurance companies will try to find evidence to counter these claims. Most car accident cases never go to a full trial because the evidence is so strong. Who makes them strong? Personal injury attorneys like the ones at Pendleton Law Team.

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How Much Could You Get?

While the insurance policy limits usually set the maximum you can get, the actual amount you get depends on what your actual damages are and what we can negotiate for. Economic damages like medical bills and lost wages form the bedrock of all personal injury claims.

They could also award you non-economic damages like pain and suffering or mental anguish. These are harder to prove and don’t have a firm dollar amount attached to them. Lawyers and insurance companies negotiate the value of these damages.

If we and the insurers cannot agree, then the case goes to court where a judge and jury decide on the amount you could get. This is risky for both sides. You could lose your case, but you could also get much more, including punitive damages.

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