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When you walk away from a car accident, your life may undergo a dramatic change. Even if you and your loved ones are uninjured, you may still have substantial property damage on your plate. These expenses can feel daunting, especially if your insurer won’t offer you the coverage you need to recover.

Your options for compensation don’t end with your insurer, though. Instead, you can reach out to a car accident lawyer in Wytheville, VA. Christina Pendleton & Associates has worked with over 80,000 clients, and we know how to fight for your post-accident financial support.

When to Approach a Wytheville Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve recently been in a minor car accident, you may be reluctant to take legal action against another party. Most families want to move on after their cases so that they can more adequately address the bills that have landed in their laps. As it turns out, our team can help you recover from even minor car accidents. 

Whether you’ve been hit in a parking lot or in the middle of an intersection, our Wytheville car accident attorneys can fight to ensure you get comprehensive compensation from your insurer and another party. This way, we can rapidly move those new bills off of your plate, letting you focus solely on your recovery.

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Overcoming Your Car Accident Losses

Your post-car accident losses are going to be unique to your circumstances. While you can reference previous cases to see how other injured parties have been compensated, you’ll also want to account for the circumstances you, specifically, had to deal with.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to request post-accident compensation in an initial complaint. Your estimate of your compensation can include but doesn’t have to be limited to:

  • Medical expenses related to your accident
  • Surgeries scheduled into the future
  • Medical aids and medications
  • Property damage
  • Property repair
  • Car rental, if necessary
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of opportunity to work
  • Wrongful death, if necessary

To learn more about the losses that apply to your case, talk to a car accident attorney in Wytheville, VA. We’ll work with third-party investigators and law enforcement to ensure our estimate of your compensation is as comprehensive as possible.

Settlement Offers in Car Accident Cases

There may be circumstances in which you receive a settlement offer after your car accident. In these cases, it can be tempting to accept a settlement right off of the bat.

While rideshare companies, trucking companies, and other institutions may seem benevolent in offering you a settlement, they often do so to avoid time in court. These institutions can attempt to overwhelm you with a large starting number in an attempt to limit your negotiations.

Sit down with someone on our team before accepting any kind of settlement. This way, you can calculate your own estimated losses and use that number in ongoing negotiations.

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Assigning Accident Liability in Virginia

The concept of liability helps you understand who to hold responsible for your losses after a car accident. In Virginia, insurance providers can help break down the identification process with their own liability investigation. Virginia, after all, is an at-fault state. This means that insurance agencies will assign fault to one party or another involved in a car accident.

You can reference an insurance provider’s decision if you wish to take a claim to court. However, you can also work with our team to assign liability. We can gather evidence from the scene of your accident and clarify an applicable duty of care.

The people who can be held liable for your losses aren’t always at the scene of your accident. Some of the parties most commonly held liable for car accident cases include:

  • Government representatives
  • Construction crews
  • Trucking agencies
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Automobile mechanics
  • Other drivers

Let us do the legwork of assigning liability for you. Once we’ve identified the party that can be held liable for your losses, you’ll be one step closer to the financial support you deserve.

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Filing Within Virginia’s Statute of Limitations

Virginia doesn’t want its residents dredging up cases that have long passed. That’s why the state implemented its statute of limitations. Code of Virginia §8.01-243 allows residents two years to act on any losses they endured in area car accidents. 

That two-year period begins on the same day an accident occurs, though, meaning that time is a little more limited than it first seems. Fortunately, no one has to pull together a car accident complaint without guidance. If you have questions about what kind of car accident compensation you may be eligible for, you can meet with a Wytheville car accident attorney. 

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How Wytheville Car Accident Attorneys Help You File Claims

If you want to file a complaint against another person, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way. This means representing your best interests in individual negotiations and in court, should your case go to trial.

There’s more to a car accident complaint than trial efforts, though. You can count on our representatives to:

  • Calculate the compensation you may deserve
  • Contact witnesses and liable parties on our behalf
  • Mediate meetings with legal professionals and independent parties
  • Gather witness statements and arrange meetings with professional witnesses

It’s our job to make the process of filing a car accident complaint as low-stress as possible. A representative with our firm is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your case. This way, you can fight for civil justice while getting your life back on track.

Contingency and You: Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

You may wonder if you can even afford to hire a lawyer. The myth of substantial legal fees prevents many families from seeking out the post-accident legal action that will ease their financial woes. Fortunately, our firm knows how to contend with those myths. 

Christina Pendleton & Associates operate on contingency. This means that you do not pay for the legal services that we offer. This remains the case even if your case leads to a trial. Our firm only takes a percentage of your settlement if we win your case. Even then, you can discuss our contingency fee agreements ahead of time. 

Learn More About Your Post-Accident Options During a Consultation

If you want to discuss your post-accident rights, call Christina Pendleton & Associates. We understand how daunting the legal system can seem, especially when you have car accident losses on your plate. Fortunately, the car accident attorneys in Wytheville are ready to lend their expertise to you.

To schedule your first case consultation, give us a call or contact us through our website. You can reach one of our representatives by phone or through our online form.

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