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With concrete routes and boardwalks that encourage cycling safety, Chesterfield is renowned as a community that welcomes cyclists. The city is experiencing an upsurge in bicycle-car incidents, which discourages bikers from returning to the trails despite the safe roads and enhanced bicycle laws.

Cycling regulations may promote safety. However, if you suffer injuries in a collision, a Chesterfield bicycle accident attorney can defend your rights against insurance companies. We can hold the negligent party accountable and obtain just compensation for you.

Did you know that Chesterfield has regulations that make it difficult for cyclists to submit claims? Pendleton Law can clarify and assist you in recouping your losses.

Tips for Increasing Your Settlement Following a Bike Accident

After you submit a personal injury claim, insurance companies use aggressive strategies to contest the legitimacy of your claim. It is crucial that you follow these recommendations as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the compensation you are due:

Visit a Doctor Right Away

Due to a lack of safety, cyclists are more prone to sustain severe injuries after an accident. If you feel well enough to leave the scene of the accident, go see a doctor right away. All visible injuries, as well as hidden ones that may not be evident, will be documented by a medical practitioner.

Take Pictures and Video of the Accident Scene

After a collision, taking photos is a great approach to support the truth of your claim. Record a video of the area for your legal team to review to see if there are any hidden signs, speed limits, or hazardous driving circumstances. Your settlement can be increased by capturing damage and circumstances.

Assemble the Contact Information for All Parties Involved

Gather the names and contact details of any witnesses and those involved in the accident, if you are physically able to do so. Other people’s testimony will fill in any gaps necessary to support the negligent behavior of the at-fault party.

Report an Accident to the Police

Don’t embellish the situation when speaking with the police, but do provide a thorough account of what the motorist was doing, what you were doing, and any other pertinent details about the scenario.

Avoid Using Social Media

Until the claim is resolved or until your legal counsel has given the go-ahead, do not talk about the claim, your injuries, or publish anything online. Investigators frequently check the victim’s social media page to see if there is evidence of the alleged injuries.

Trust the Legal Process

The investigation of the claim could take longer if the severity of your injuries or the sought compensation sum is higher. Insurance firms use surveillance, recorded remarks, and ambiguous questioning in their battle to get your claims rejected.

Your attorney is charged with guiding you through this procedure with clarity and a solid defense plan. Keep track of all medical expenses, keep the case details private between yourself and your attorney, and let them represent you while you’re recovering.

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How Much Is a Claim for a Bicycle Accident Worth?

A bicycle accident that results in serious injuries will be worth more than one that only causes whiplash and sprains. Settlement amounts for bicycle accidents might differ because no two accidents involving bicycles are alike. After reviewing your case and injuries, a bicycle accident lawyer in Chesterfield can give you an estimate.

When calculating the value of your accident in terms of compensation, the following variables will be taken into account:

  • Medical costs
  • Spending on rehabilitation
  • Lost wages as a result of injury
  • Future earnings lost because of the harm
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional harm
  • Loss of cooperation

Keep in mind that the insurance policies in place may have limitations on compensation. Your attorney will talk with you about the precise compensation amounts and insurance.

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Cyclist Protection Laws in Virginia

Virginia’s cities are always attempting to strengthen the laws put in place to safeguard its citizens. Gov. Ralph Northam put the Bicyclist Safety Act into force in March 2021. This enhanced regulation permits:

  • Automobiles must change lanes while passing cyclists (the lane has to be too narrow to pass the cyclist and allow at least three feet of space in between)
  • Bicyclists to always ride two abreast
  • For a working group to look into any issues with enabling bikers to consider yield signs as stop signals
  • The heads of the House and Senate transportation committees as the appropriate people to contact with any road safety concerns

Laws may change as a result of an increase in deadly bicycle accidents, making the personal injury system challenging for victims. It’s crucial to hire legal counsel that keeps up with evolving legal requirements and has a track record of success in instances like yours.

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Assessing Responsibility in a Bicycle Accident

One would assume that assigning blame for a bicycle accident in Chesterfield would be simple given that the city is considered to be a bike-friendly state. Despite this, the state takes contributory negligence into account when determining who is to blame for an accident that results in injuries.

When operating their respective modes of transportation, cyclists and drivers should exercise a reasonable amount of caution. Due to this, a cyclist who sustains an injury as a result of unsafe equipment, individual traffic infractions, or local ordinance violations cannot pursue legal action against the driver.

A Chesterfield bicycle accident lawyer can help you if you were in a bike accident and there is a probability that you contributed to the collision.

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Places Cyclists Can Ride in Chesterfield

Unless otherwise specified, persons who are on bicycles have the same rights as those who are driving cars. They must respect traffic laws and share the sidewalk with people. Bicyclists are allowed to ride in Virginia under the following restrictions:

  • Unless otherwise forbidden, electric bikes can be ridden on sidewalks
  • Cyclists must follow the direction of traffic
  • Bicyclists are required to ride near to the right curb when traveling at the speed limit
  • Unless one lane is a required turn lane, cyclists cannot ride between two lanes traveling in the same direction

The regulations governing bicycling are designed to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road. Virginia’s cycling culture continues to influence how rules are applied, particularly in regions with high traffic volumes.

Is Cycling Safe in Virginia?

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles noted an increase in bicycle fatalities starting in 2021. NBC 29 reported that there were 454 bicycle crashes in Virginia alone, despite the fact that the rise is negligible in comparison to the annual loss of motorists.

Helmets, which are recommended but not mandated in every Virginian jurisdiction, should also be taken into account. Because bicycles offer significantly less protection than cars, it is strongly advised to use protective equipment, such as a helmet, to help avoid a tragic accident.

Do You Need Legal Counsel After a Bike Accident?

Due to more people speeding and distracted driving, there are more bike accidents. Even though they take place in an instant, lives are permanently altered. Contact Christina Pendleton & Associates if you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle accident.

Our Chesterfield team of bicycle accident attorneys aid those wounded by obtaining the money they need to heal from a bicycle accident. Take legal action right now because our initial case examination is free.

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