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In the state of Virginia, injured cyclists have the same right to compensation as victims of car accidents. This is good news for all cyclists, as bicycle accident injuries can be incredibly severe, painful, and expensive to recover from.

If you were struck by an irresponsible driver while riding, you’ll need a skilled bicycle accident attorney in Norfolk to help you file a claim. Fortunately, the Norfolk personal injury lawyers at Pendleton Law have handled hundreds of bicycle injury claims. They know exactly how to hold the guilty driver liable and secure maximum compensation for your bills, pain, and other hardships.

Compensation You Could Receive From a Bicycle Accident Claim in Norfolk

Until we know more about your injuries and accident-related losses, we won’t be able to give you an exact dollar value on the compensation you’re owed. However, we can tell you about the damages that most bicycle accident victims in Norfolk receive. In past cases, our attorneys have secured the following damages for accident victims just like you:

Medical Bills

Medical treatments required to fix jaw injuries, vision damage, road rash, and broken bones from a bicycle accident aren’t cheap. Fortunately, our attorneys can file with the guilty party’s insurance company. If their insurer agrees to a fair settlement, you’ll have all the money you need to afford medical care.

Lost Income

Many Virginians don’t have jobs where they’re allowed to take paid time off. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in Norfolk, the odds are likely that you’ll have to miss out on a couple paychecks during your recovery.

If that’s the case, it’s only fair that the guilty party’s insurance company offers compensation to cover your lost income. These damages can help you support yourself and your family while you take time off from work.

Reduced Earning Ability

High speed collisions with other vehicles can send cyclists flying from their bikes. Such accidents can result in permanent injuries and disabilities that prevent victims from accomplishing the tasks they used to complete with ease.

If you’ve sustained a permanent or long-term injury in a bicycle accident in Norfolk, you might not be able to fulfill the duties that your job requires. In that case, our attorneys can secure compensation for reduced earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries from a bicycle accident can cause victims to experience a great deal of pain for months and even years after the incident. Luckily, our attorneys can secure payment for the pain and suffering you’ve had to live with.

Mental Distress

PTSD, anxiety, and depression are common mental health outcomes for bicycle accident victims in Norfolk. If the shock and trauma from your collision has caused any negative health symptoms, let your attorney know. They can secure damages for mental distress.

Bicycle Repair Costs

Depending on the severity of the accident, your bike may be unrideable or in need of extensive repairs. If your bicycle is your main form of transportation, or even if it’s just an enjoyable form of exercise, it’s important that you get it fixed. A bicycle accident lawyer in Norfolk can get you reimbursed for new parts, repairs, and even a new bicycle.

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What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Norfolk

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in Norfolk, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. If you are unable to move, seriously injured, or in a great deal of pain, we recommend calling an ambulance.

However, if your injuries are mild, there’s a few things you can do before you get checked out by a doctor. Completing the following steps before you seek medical attention can help your bicycle accident attorney build a successful claim:

  • Call the police. Always call the police after a road accident. They’re report will lend legitimacy to your claim and make it easier for your attorney to build a convincing case for compensation.
  • Exchange information with the other driver. Exchanging insurance and contact information with the driver that hit you is crucial to the success of your case. The information you gather will help your lawyer file a claim with the proper insurance company.
  • Take photos. Photos of your injuries, the accident scene, and the damage done to your bike can all be used as evidence in your claim. Take as many photos from as many different angles as you can.
  • Talk to witnesses. Talk to witnesses about what they saw and take down their phone numbers. Your attorney can use their account of the incident in your bicycle accident claim

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How Our Lawyers Can Help You Recover from a Bicycle Accident in Norfolk

When a bicycle accident attorney in Norfolk from our firm takes on your case, they’ll focus all their efforts on building a strong claim and securing an adequate settlement for your losses. Here’s what they’ll do to make sure your get an overwhelmingly positive result:

Investigate Your Bicycle Accident

In order to build a compelling case, your attorney will need to take a close look at all the details surrounding your bicycle accident. They’ll talk to eye-witnesses, work with accident reconstruction experts to analyze photos of the incident, and gather other important records to fully understand what happened.

Negotiate With Insurers

Once your bicycle accident attorney has investigated your accident, identified the guilty party, and built a solid claim, they’ll file it with the at-fault driver’s insurer. When it comes to negotiating a settlement, insurance companies can be hard to work with. Our attorneys will use their negotiating skills to coax stubborn insurers into offering a fair payment.

Meet State Deadlines

In Norfolk, VA, there’s a statute of limitations for bicycle accident claims. Virginia Code § 8.01-243 states that victims must file their claim within two years of the date of their accident. Our lawyers will make sure your claim is submitted before the legal deadline.

Contingency Fee

Money should never be an obstacle between bicycle accident victims and compensation. That’s why Pendleton Law offers contingency fee legal services in Norfolk. If you choose to hire one of our attorneys on a contingency fee basis, they’ll take a portion of your settlement in exchange for their counsel and advocacy. No out-of-pocket fees required!

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The only remedy for mountains of medical bills, expensive bicycle repairs, and missed paychecks is a bicycle accident settlement. The Norfolk bicycle accident attorneys at Christina Pendleton & Associates will put all their time and energy into constructing a claim that yields the highest amount of compensation possible.

We start all our bicycle accident cases with a free consultation. During your consultation, we’ll ask you about your accident and determine if you have a legitimate case against the offending driver. If we think you have a shot at receiving compensation, we’ll get started on your claim. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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