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Elmiron was a drug released in 1996 to treat the pain caused by interstitial cystitis, a type of inflammation in the bladder. It took over 20 years to discover that this drug accumulates in the body and causes vision loss.

If you have taken Elmiron and suffered vision problems later in life, you can sue Janssen Pharmaceuticals for compensation. Let our law firm help you pursue justice. Our Elmiron lawsuit lawyers serving Suffolk are ready to hear your story and see if you qualify for compensation.

What Could You Receive?

These lawsuits are still in their early stages as of this writing (August, 2022), so it is hard to predict just how much compensation plaintiffs will get from an Elmiron lawsuit. However, from the hundreds of filed lawsuits, it is almost certain that we will find out.

We can give you an estimate by adding up the losses you’ve incurred so far from your injuries and from our experience in past pharmaceutical lawsuit cases. Pendleton Law works with forensic economic experts to assign value to non-economic damages and future economic damages.

Based on what we know so far and the amount of lawsuits filed, it’s almost certain that we’ll be able to prove that you were harmed from taking Elmiron. We expect the first trials to appear before a judge in 2023, so you have time to start your own.

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Will You Need to Join an MDL?

There is multi-district litigation already formed to hold Janssen responsible for damages. This is a type of class action lawsuit suitable for pharmaceutical cases. Your compensation will be based on the amount of harm you received instead of a flat amount among all plaintiffs.

However, you have the option to pursue an individual lawsuit. You may secure more money this way, but it may also take longer and there are some risks. Our Elmiron lawsuit attorneys can help you decide which path is best for your situation.

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The Damages You Could Receive From Your Lawsuit

By pursuing compensation, you can get money for the harm you suffered from this side effect. You’ll likely get economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include monetary losses like:

  • Medication costs
  • Lost income and earning capacity
  • Treatment options, including surgery
  • Assistive devices

Non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, emotional distress, or loss of enjoyment of life, are more subjective. Through our experience and the use of expert testimony, we can build a case that shows how your vision loss has affected your life to persuade a judge or jury to award non-economic damages.

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How Long Will The Lawsuit Last?

It could take years before a case resolves. Injury cases involving drugs often take a long time and there are no prior cases right now to refer to. Also, thanks to the pandemic, courts are backed up on cases.

However, researchers have already proven that the vision-related side effects of Elmiron are real. The science is there to show that people who used the drug were injured. We just need to get the cases in front of a judge and jury to follow the process.

It’s better to get a case started now and wait than to jump in later. You will not owe us any fee unless you win your case, so there is no risk in speaking with one of our Suffolk Elmiron lawsuit attorneys.

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What Vision Side Effects Have Been Linked to Elmiron?

In order to get compensation, we have to prove that the damage caused to your eyes was caused by Elmiron. That starts by documenting what kind of vision problems you’ve experienced. From the current cases, some of the vision problems include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Halos
  • Reduced night vision
  • Vision loss
  • Pigmentary maculopathy
  • Macular retinopathy
  • Scotoma
  • Unilateral or bilateral blindness

We can connect you with a vision specialist who can assess your vision and see if you qualify to file for an Elmiron lawsuit. By getting a third-party assessment, it will make it easier to get your case into court.

Also, you will need to have taken the drug before Janssen Pharmaceuticals included the vision loss warning on bottles of Elmiron. The side effect was discovered in 2018. If you are unsure if your case qualifies, our lawyers can find out for free in a consultation.

You’ve Taken Elmiron But Had No Problems. Are You in Danger?

Possibly. It takes years of taking the drug before the problems show up. We encourage you to see an opthamologist to check for retinal damage if you’ve taken this drug. By catching damage early, you can work on preventing further damage.

If an opthamologist discovers damage later and you’ve taken Elmiron, we can determine if you could get compensated for it. You may wish to speak with your doctor to find an alternative treatment for interstitial cystitis.

How Long Do You Have to File?

You have two years from the day you discovered your vision loss to file your Elmiron lawsuit under Virginia law. There are exceptions to this rule, but in all cases, it’s better to start early than later. If you do not file in time, the chances of getting compensation will be much lower.

Begin Your Elmiron Lawsuit

Pendleton Law has experience in pharmaceutical cases and MDLs. We can help you understand the process of getting compensation for your vision loss caused by this drug. Our Suffolk Elmiron lawyers are ready to help you make a claim.

Take legal action against Janssen Pharmaceuticals with our help. Reach out to our team by filling out the contact form or calling our number. We will reach out to you to schedule a free case consultation.

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