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Any degree of brain injury has the ability to affect a person’s livelihood. While the severity of your brain trauma can vary from minor to catastrophic, the amount that you’ll pay in medical bills often begins on the high end. After experiencing an accident in Suffolk County, Virginia, brain injury attorneys from the Pendleton Law Team are available to help you pursue legal action.

The losses that you may incur as a result of your brain injury could leave you facing financial hardship, emotional distress, or relational issues. Instead of facing that and the legal battle alone, trust our skilled personal injury lawyers serving Suffolk, VA, and the surrounding areas.

In a free consultation, you will gain a personalized understanding of the below summarized information: what to do after sustaining a brain injury, how much money you could collect from a brain trauma settlement, and if there are any factors that impede your ability to collect full compensation.

What to Do Immediately After a Brain Injury

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury recently, it’s crucial to act promptly. These essential steps should be taken immediately to bolster your personal injury claim and improve your settlement potential: 

  1. Seek emergency medical help: Your physical and mental wellbeing come first. After a brain injury, seeking medical attention is best, regardless of the severity of the injury. In addition to ensuring that you receive proper care, having your injuries documented by medical professionals will provide medical proof that will support your personal injury claim.
  2. Report your injury to the property owner or police: Inform the Suffolk police or property owners about the situation. For mishaps like slip-and-falls, auto accidents, and work-related injuries, this step helps establish the facts surrounding your injuries and makes a formal record of the incident.
  3. Collect evidence: If it is physically possible, collect evidence at the spot in Suffolk where the injury occurred. Take pictures or videos of the crash site, any dangerous circumstances, or the other parties involved. The contact details of witnesses will help validate your claim when testimonies are allowed. 
  4. Keep all medical records and related paperwork: The doctor’s notes, test results, and other related paperwork linked to your brain damage will serve as proof of your harm, the full amount of your losses, and the medical treatment you received. To determine your eligibility for compensation, records and receipts are the primary sources of information.
  5. Speak to a top-rated personal injury lawyer: The long-term effects of brain injuries might include changes to your physical, emotional, and financial health. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who focuses on Suffolk brain injury claims will give you legal advice, assess the validity of your claim, and act as your advocate to make sure you get the money you are due for medical bills, lost income, and other damages.

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How Compensation Is Calculated for Brain Injury Victims in Virginia

When calculating compensation for brain injury victims in Virginia, several factors are considered:

  • Medical bills: The cost of current and future medical care, such as therapies, medications, and rehabilitation related to your brain injury
  • Lost income: Compensation for missed work or lost revenue due to the brain trauma, including past and future lost earnings
  • Loss of consortium: Non-economic damages awarded for the negative impact the brain injury has on the victim’s relationships with their spouse or family members
  • Pain and suffering: The monetary value  quantified by the physical and emotional pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life caused by having a brain injury
  • Disability and impairment: Compensation for long-term or permanent disabilities that impact the victim’s ability to participate in daily activities, maintain relationships, or function the same as before the brain injury 
  • Punitive damages: These additional damages may be awarded to punish the negligent party and deter similar egregious behavior. These types of damages are rare to receive. Virginia places a cap of $350,000 on awarded damages, but in some cases, there are exceptions that increase it to up to $2 million.  

The specific amount of compensation is determined based on the severity of the brain injury, expert opinions, medical records, and legal precedents. Consulting with an experienced brain injury attorney near Suffolk will greatly assist with the evaluation and accurate calculation of the compensation you may be entitled to based on your unique circumstances.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Brain Injury Lawyer in Suffolk County, VA

When looking for a qualified brain injury lawyer near Suffolk County, VA, it’s important to find an attorney who is experienced with this type of case and understands the complexities involved. These attorneys should have a good track record of success and provide personalized attention to you and your situation. 

Additionally, familiarity with the applicable laws and regulations in Virginia is essential. The communication style, pricing structure, and working relationship that you have with your lawyer are equally important. Lastly, selecting a personal injury law firm that has the resources to hire experts such as accredited reconstructionist, vocational specialists, and others helps greatly.

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Contact us today if you or a loved one have suffered brain damage. The Suffolk-serving brain injury lawyers at The Pendleton Law Team are available to manage your personal injury case if you believe you are entitled to damages for your losses. In a free, no-risk consultation, we will evaluate your claim and provide a personalized strategy for collecting fair compensation.

We have a lot of experience in the field of brain injury litigation and know how to advocate for our clients. Our firm has earned the reputation of being “Heavy Hitters®”  because of our dedication to providing individualized care and vigorous legal representation. You won’t be sorry that you called us; we look forward to helping you secure a settlement.

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