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What’s the Average Settlement for a Spinal Injury?

What’s the average settlement for a spinal injury in Virginia? The funds for these injuries can vary significantly based on the severity of your injury and the amount of medical care you require during your recovery. 

Many people receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages after sustaining a spinal injury. However, some people receive much less. A Richmond spinal cord injury lawyer from our team at the Pendleton Law Team can review your situation and discuss possible damages.

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How Much Compensation Will You Get for a Spinal Injury?

The funds you receive for a spinal injury will depend on the severity of your injury and the cost of your required medical treatment. Your attorney can track all these losses on your behalf, providing you with a more accurate estimate of your final award. 

In many cases, individuals receive over $100,000 for a spinal cord injury settlement. However, you may get a smaller settlement if you require minimal medical care. 

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What Kind of Compensation Do You Get for a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury may require extensive medical treatment during your recovery. Your personal injury lawyer can help you seek damages to fairly cover your medical expenses, which may include:

  • Emergency treatment
  • Care in an ambulance 
  • The use of traction, braces, and neck collars
  • Surgeries to remove bone fragments or stabilize your spine
  • Lowering your body temperature to assist with inflammation 

You may also require medications to handle pain and prevent infection. Many individuals require long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy services after experiencing a spinal injury. 

You may also receive funds to cover the expensive medical tests required to diagnose a spinal cord injury. For example, your attorney may seek damages to cover CT scans, X-rays, or MRIs. We’ll discuss all these losses when you contact us for help with your claim. 

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What Other Damages Do You Get for a Spinal Injury?

Medical expenses may only represent part of your losses after you experience a spinal injury in Virginia. Lawyers focus on other losses associated with your accident, which may allow you to secure funds to cover your:

Lost Wages 

In many cases, spinal cord injuries require you to take off work. You may receive funds in your settlement to cover lost pay, bonuses, or raises. 

Additionally, some spinal injuries can lead to full or partial paralysis, which may prevent you from returning to the workforce. We can help with all types of spinal cord injuries. You may receive compensation to cover your diminished earning potential in this situation. 

Pain and Suffering

We understand the emotional pain and mental anguish you may experience after sustaining a spinal injury. We can factor these issues into your settlement amount when handling your spinal cord injury claim in Richmond. 

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Will Your Settlement Contain Punitive Damages?

The amount of punitive damages you receive can greatly affect the final settlement amount you receive from the insurance company. Virginia has a cap on punitive damages, but you may still secure hundreds of thousands of dollars through this form of compensation. 

We’ll discuss this option in more detail when you contact us for help. 

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Do You Have to Settle After a Spinal Cord Injury?

You may accept an insurance settlement after sustaining a spinal cord injury caused by someone else’s negligent actions. However, taking a settlement may not always represent your best legal option. 

Your attorney may review other solutions to secure damages to cover your losses. For example, we may suggest filing a lawsuit in some situations. 

Lawsuits may allow you to seek additional damages for your losses. However, you may end up paying court fees if you take this legal step. Additionally, it often takes longer to resolve spinal cord injury cases in court. 

Does Anything Come Out of Your Spinal Cord Injury Settlement?

If you hire a lawyer to help with your spinal injury claim, legal fees will come out of your final financial award before you receive your settlement.

Personal injury law firms in Virginia generally handle these claims on a contingency basis, so you won’t have to pay these fees until after the firm resolves your claim. 

Find Out More About Spinal Injury Settlement Amounts in Virginia

What’s the average settlement for a spinal injury? The funds you receive will vary greatly depending on the medical care you require and the injury’s other impacts on your life. Our team at the Pendleton Law Team can review your claim and provide you with personalized information.

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