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The devastating impact of a truck accident can leave you and your family struggling with catastrophic injuries, mounting medical bills, lost income, and immense physical and emotional trauma. 

When the unthinkable happens, you need a powerful legal team with the experience and resources to protect your rights and interests. At The Pendleton Law Team, our Manassas truck accident lawyers have advocated for injured victims across Virginia since 2011.

Our Manassas personal injury lawyers understand the challenges of a trucking accident claim. We are not intimidated by trucking companies with deep pockets. Let us fight to ensure you collect the compensation you need to move forward.

Overcoming the Unique Challenges of Truck Accident Cases

Unlike a typical auto accident claim, truck crash cases present complex obstacles that require skilled legal representation from an attorney with experience in this niche area of law. Our team understands the tactics trucking companies and their insurers will use to try to minimize payouts or avoid liability altogether.

Combating Evidence Spoliation

In the wake of a serious truck accident, preserving and documenting all available evidence is crucial for proving negligence and liability. This includes:

  • Physical evidence from vehicles and the crash scene
  • Driver log books and data from the truck’s black box / EDR data
  • Dashcam or surveillance footage
  • Inspection and maintenance records

Trucking companies have rapid response teams dedicated to covering up evidence that could implicate their negligence. Our investigators move swiftly to secure and catalog any relevant evidence before it disappears.

Blame Shifting

Trucking corporations and insurers want to shift blame to the victim by claiming you were negligent. We proactively counter to protect your right to collect compensation by:

  • Gathering eyewitness testimony and accident scene evidence
  • Consulting accident reconstruction experts
  • Analyzing driver qualification files and safety histories
  • Identifying violations of driving laws and trucking regulations

Our exhaustive approach is designed to establish the trucking company’s negligence and liability for the crash.

Holding All Responsible Parties Accountable

While the truck driver may have been directly involved, there are typically multiple parties that contributed to the devastating collision through negligent actions, such as:

  • The trucking company
  • Cargo suppliers or loaders
  • Truck/parts manufacturers
  • Maintenance companies

Many factors can affect your injury claim. We dig deep to uncover every source of negligence to expand our avenues for recovering the full compensation our clients deserve. No responsible party will be let off the hook.

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Injuries Are Often Severe in Truck Accident Cases

The sheer size and force involved in semi-truck crashes often result in life-altering injuries requiring extensive medical care and long-term assistance needs, like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries/paralysis
  • Internal organ damage
  • Severe burns
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement

Our Manassas truck accident attorneys are well-versed in these catastrophic injury cases. We consult leading medical experts to calculate the current and future costs of treatments, therapies, nursing care, home modifications, lost earnings, diminished quality of life, and other losses.

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Our Comprehensive Service Approach

Our mission is to provide caring legal guidance while handling every aspect of building a compelling case on your behalf. From the moment you become our client, our team gets to work:

Investigating the Accident 

  • Securing and analyzing black box data, dashcam footage, etc.
  • Gathering and preserving physical evidence from vehicles and scene
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses and first responders
  • Consulting reconstruction specialists to pinpoint the accident’s cause

Calculating All Damages and Losses

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and diminished future earnings
  • Property damage costs
  • Pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life
  • Home modifications, transportation needs, and ongoing care costs

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Preparing for Negotiations or Litigation

Our respected Manassas truck accident lawyers  excels at high-stakes negotiations with trucking corporations and insurers to recover the maximum compensation possible. We approach every case fully prepared to:

  • Take your claim to trial if settlement talks are unproductive
  • Craft compelling, evidence-based arguments for a judge and jury
  • Present expert witness testimony to substantiate damages
  • Fight tirelessly for your rights

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Providing Compassionate Client Support

While building your case, our attorneys provide consistent communication and support by:

  • Handling all case administration, filing requirements, and deadlines
  • Updating you on developments and negotiation progress
  • Preparing you for any required legal proceedings
  • Lifting the legal burdens off your shoulders as you recover

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You can count on responsive legal care from a firm that truly prioritizes your needs. Don’t wait to get the legal support and guidance you need after a truck accident turns your life upside down. 

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