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An armed robbery conviction in Virginia can put you in prison for at least eight years, and possibly for life. It is an extremely serious crime and demands a serious, thorough defense. If the state wants to charge you with this, we will make them prove it.

The Pendleton Law Group’s armed robbery lawyers in Richmond will work tirelessly to build a powerful defense against an armed robbery charge. To be convicted of this crime, the prosecution must prove several things. We will do our best to question their evidence so that the case falls apart.

What Must Be Proven in an Armed Robbery Case?

There are three things that must be proved in any robbery case. The first is that you intended to take someone’s property without their permission. Second, you must actually take the item. Finally, there must be force or intimidation, real or implied.

Armed robbery means a robbery done with a firearm. In Virginia, there is no separate armed robbery charge, but if someone uses a firearm or threatens to use one while committing a felony, there is a separate charge that increases the penalties with a three-year minimum sentence for the first offense.

Whether the robbery occurred with or without a firearm, any robbery in Virginia is a felony. A felony removes many civil rights and hampers your employment prospects. You cannot vote, own a firearm, receive certain federal benefits, and more.

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How Will Our Richmond Armed Robbery Lawyers Defend You?

Disproving the different elements of armed robbery will weaken the prosecution’s case. If enough evidence can be countered, the charges could be dismissed. That is our goal in the courtroom.

Pendleton Law Team’s armed robbery lawyers in Richmond will interview you and any witnesses to the crime, as well as review any video evidence captured at the scene of the incident. We can also look at the chain of custody of the stolen property, as well as the details of the alleged intimidation.

Even if you did steal something, it may be possible to get a lesser charge. For instance, if you took something without threat, force, or intimidation, the proper charge would be larceny, which carries a much lower penalty.

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Start Building Your Defense Now With an Armed Robbery Attorney in Richmond

The sooner you have a Richmond armed robbery attorney working on your case, the better. Lawyers need time to build your case and the clock is always ticking. By contacting us as soon as you’re arrested, you give us the time to build the strongest possible case.

Contact the Pendleton Law Group by using the number on your screen or by using our contact form. We look forward to representing you in the Virginia court system. The longer you wait, the lower your chances of a favorable outcome.

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