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In U.S. law, crimes are divided into felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are the more serious of the two kinds of criminal charges. If you are facing a felony charge, or wish to appeal a prior felony conviction, you need legal help from a felony conviction lawyer in Richmond.

The Pendleton Law Group has criminal defense lawyers that specialize in felony convictions, and we are ready to help you. You need to know what you’re facing and understand why it’s so important to have a lawyer on your side during a felony trial. 

Felony Classes in Virginia

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-10, felonies are divided into six classes. These classes help prosecutors and judges decide the severity of the sentence for a conviction. Here are the six classes and their associated jail times:

  • Class 1 – Life imprisonment or the death penalty
  • Class 2 – 20 years to life
  • Class 3 – Five to 20 years
  • Class 4 – Two to 10 years
  • Class 5 – One to 10 years; or at the court’s discretion, up to 12 months in jail
  • Class 6 – One to five years; or at the court’s discretion, up to 12 months in jail

Each class also has its own fine limits, from $2,500 all the way to $100,000. In addition, the law may prescribe additional penalties, like with felony DUI where license suspensions and DUI school may be mandated.

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Loss of Rights as a Felon in Virginia

Virginia, unlike many other states, strips civil rights from felons and only allows them back after a lengthy rehabilitation process. Under Virginia law, felons cannot:

  • Vote
  • Hold public office
  • Serve on juries
  • Serve as a notary public
  • Possess or transport firearms
  • Carry concealed weapons
  • Work in public positions (i.e. teachers, day care centers)

Some of these rights are lost permanently, but others can be restored three to five years after you have served your sentence. A felony conviction lawyer in Richmond can help you with this process if you wish to restore your rights.

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Statute of Limitations for Prosecutors in Virginia

Police officers have a limited amount of time to charge you with a crime. This is the statute of limitations, an important legal concept. However, most felonies do not have a statute of limitations clause.

Years after the fact, if the prosecution believes they can convict you, you can face a felony charge. Charging someone with a felony is a serious accusation, so you can be sure that they won’t level it lightly against you. Time is no barrier for felony charges.

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Appealing Your Criminal Case in Richmond

Some of the penalties for felonies are so serious that the court allows convicted people to appeal their cases. This means taking your case before a higher level of the court system to get another opinion.

This is a long process, but in cases of injustice, this is how you can get freed from your punishment. Our criminal defense team of Richmond felony conviction lawyers can work with you to see if an appeal is possible and in your best interest.

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Felony criminal charges are one of the worst things you can face in the legal system. You must not spare any effort to get qualified legal representation. Your life will depend on it. Speak with a Richmond felony conviction attorney at the Pendleton Law Group now by calling the number on your screen or using our contact form.

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