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Facing a weapons charge, whether federal or state, can lead to lifetime consequences. You could lose many of your rights, along with jail and fines. If you’re charged with a weapons-related crime, our weapons crimes lawyers in Richmond can help defend your freedom and good name.

The Pendleton Law Team has the criminal defense experience you need to fight against any kind of weapons crime charge in the state of Virginia. Whether it’s simple possession or all the way up to illegal distribution and sale, we will do our utmost to defend you against the charges you’re facing.

What Are Federal Weapons Charges?

Many weapons charges are prosecuted by the federal court system. Pendleton Law Team in Richmond delivers the help you need against charges like:

Not every lawyer is qualified to work in federal court. It takes special training and experience to successfully defend against federal weapons charges. Pendleton Law Team’s weapons crime lawyers have that experience and training. 

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Helping Defendants Against Gun Charges in Virginia

If you’ve been arrested on weapons charges in Virginia, our attorneys can help you fight back. We’ve defended clients against charges like:

  • Illegal discharge
  • Concealed carry violations
  • Use or possession of prohibited weapons
  • Possession violations
  • Weapons storage violations
  • Weapons charges in a self-defense situation
  • Sale or permit violations
  • Weapons charges related to other criminal charges

There are a huge number of laws related to Virginia weapons charges, some of them surprising. The sooner we can get started on your case, the better our weapons crimes lawyers in Richmond can defend you in criminal court.

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What Are Some Non-Firearms Weapon Charges?

Most weapons charges are related to firearms, but there are other weapons that are illegal in Virginia. Possessing an illegal weapon is a Class 4 misdemeanor. If the weapons are used in a crime, the penalties will increase in severity.

Illegal weapons in Virginia include the following:

  • Brass knuckles, or similar devices made of metal
  • Switchblades and ballistic knives
  • Throwing stars
  • Blackjacks

Having any kind of weapons charge against you has serious repercussions on your life. Beyond the fines and jail time, it is a mark of a violent criminal record. You could be denied employment in several fields for having a violent criminal record.

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Will There Be Mandatory Prison if I’m Convicted?

Many weapons charges have automatic prison sentences and can escalate the penalties of other crimes committed even if you didn’t use it. Even something like filling out a federal firearm purchase form incorrectly can land you with a Class 6 felony.

In short, if there are any weapons-related charges against you, you must fight back fast with the help of a Richmond weapons crimes attorney. Your future depends on it. Furthermore, we can protect you against any personal injury lawsuit related to your case.

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If you have been accused of a weapons-related crime, you need a dedicated advocate with experience defending against all types of gun and other charges. The sooner you can get your defense started, the better chance you have of a favorable result.

Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation. With offices located throughout Virginia, the Pendleton Law Team’s weapons crimes lawyers in Richmond are ready to deliver a strong defense for you in a gun case or other criminal matter.

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