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Modern medicine has ushered in a new age where many of the prominent diseases from just one hundred years ago have now found cures in the form of prescription medication. While these prescriptions offer a great ease to those individuals suffering from illnesses, many new drugs, unfortunately, have not gone through the proper screening process. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money, and often attempt to side-step important procedures in getting their individual drugs to market. This can result in a situation where drugs have not been appropriately screened, thereby leading to severe complications and making the decision to hire a skilled Richmond Xarelto injury attorney all the more important.

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Dangerous Drugs

Xarelto is a blood-thinner which has unfortunately led to cases of uncontrollable bleeding. The drug is often prescribed to elderly individuals who must have ongoing blood treatments. The Food and Drug Administration has received reports of hundreds of deaths caused by Xarelto, as well as reports of significant blood clots caused by the drug. Xarelto is supposed to prevent blood clots and instead has been found to cause them, meaning that a clear shift has occurred from the intended results of the drug.

Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers have a duty of care to their customers that the drug they are marketing is safe for consumption and does not cause adverse side effects. While most drugs cause minor side effects, any dangerous side effects should be well documented on the drug labels and known to all consumers. The failure to warn against improper dosage and dangerous side effects could lead to claims for damages and an experienced Richmond product liability lawyer can help you understand your legal options if you were harmed by a dangerous drug.

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Mass Tort Claims

Injuries which are caused by catastrophic accidents or dangerous drugs often fall within the general term of “mass tort.” These injuries are widespread and can have long-lasting repercussions on a large number of people throughout the country, and are often consolidated into single claims, brought by dozens of victims. The attorneys of Christina Pendleton & Associates have handled other mass tort claims and are well-equipped to assist you in the filing of your claim. You took Xarelto on the promise that it would help your condition and lead to a healthy future life, not worsen your condition and lead to serious health complications. As such, the manufacturer should be held responsible for their actions in advertising the drug without the appropriate testing.

As a victim of complications caused by Xarelto, you are entitled to bring a claim for damages which includes the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Our Richmond Xarelto injury lawyers will assist you in determining the proper amount of damages which should be included on your claim.

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