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Norfolk Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In the state of Virginia, injured cyclists have the same right to compensation as victims of car accidents. This is good news for all cyclists, as bicycle accident injuries can be incredibly severe, painful, and expensive to recover from. If you were struck by an irresponsible driver while riding, you’ll need a skilled bicycle accident… read more

Norfolk Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A quick visit to Virginia’s DMV website will show you just how much of an issue pedestrian accidents have become in recent years. While following pedestrian safety tips can drastically reduce your chances of getting hit, there are many situations where cautionary measures fail. If you’ve been hit by a car while crossing the street… read more

Norfolk Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When we go to the hospital for an operation, we expect to leave feeling better than when we arrived, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, healthcare professionals make careless mistakes that leave us with severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and even life-threatening conditions. When this happens, we have the right to seek compensation for our… read more

Norfolk Elmiron Lawsuit Lawyer

Drug manufacturers have a moral and legal obligation to inform consumers about any side effects their medication may cause. Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to live up to that obligation in 1996, when its drug Elmiron came onto the market. Prescribed to treat pain from a bladder disorder known as interstitial cystitis, Elmiron can also cause major… read more

Norfolk Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There’s no experience like riding a motorcycle along the Norfolk coast. You’re rarely alone on the road, though. If you’re not careful, there’s a chance that you may find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident. While other drivers owe motorcyclists a duty of care, they can neglect or deliberately violate that duty. As a result,… read more

Norfolk Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are often over as quickly as they begin, but their fallout can impact your life for years. These accidents can cause lifelong injuries and even disrupt your ability to go to and from work on a daily basis. As a result, both you and your family may find yourselves forced to contend with… read more

Norfolk Truck Accident Lawyer

It takes concentration and experience to control a truck on the road. The conditions under which many of these drivers operate their rigs can beget accidents, though, even after years of driving. Unfortunately, a negligent truck driver can put everyone around them in serious danger. In the days following a truck accident, you’ll want to… read more

Norfolk Criminal Traffic Lawyer

If you received a traffic ticket in Norfolk, Virginia, you’re not alone. Virginia came in third place in the nation’s top 10 speediest states. Roughly 20,000 speeding tickets are issued every year on Virginia highways. Depending on the ticket, you could be facing severe penalties.  If you have been charged with a criminal traffic violation,… read more

Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, you may be eligible to collect financial compensation. However, pursuing a claim alone can be challenging, and you may not recover the full settlement you deserve. Instead, allow the skilled Norfolk personal injury attorneys at Christina Pendleton & Associates to fight for justice on your behalf. We are the dedicated legal team… read more