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Wytheville Brain Injury Lawyer

Blacking out after hitting your head in a car accident is a serious matter. It’s a sign that you’ve suffered a brain injury. Early treatment can prevent the worsening of brain injuries, and so can compensation. Our brain injury lawyers can get you the compensation you deserve. The consequences of a brain injury can be… read more

Wytheville Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber delivers 1.44 billion rides each quarter. That’s a lot of rides! It’s also a lot of opportunities for accidents. If you are involved in an accident and one driver works for Uber, you could get substantial compensation through our Uber accident lawyers. Virginia law requires rideshare companies like Uber to carry a minimum $1… read more

Wytheville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians may use the road the same as other vehicles, so long as they follow the rules of the road. Yet even if you follow the rules, other drivers might negligently hit you. If you’re suffering from a pedestrian accident, or had a loved one killed in a pedestrian accident, contact Pendleton Law. We have… read more

Wytheville Wrongful Death Lawyer

When an accident happens that the victim could have made a personal injury claim, but died before they could, this is called wrongful death. Someone else has to file the claim on their behalf, and our wrongful death lawyers can help you do that. The laws around wrongful death can be tricky, and we know… read more

Wytheville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Children, commuters, and bicycle enthusiasts use bicycles all the time to get around Wytheville. They have a right to the road like any other vehicle, but sometimes drivers don’t pay attention and hit one. If someone hit you while riding, call our bicycle accident lawyers. The victims of bicycle accidents are often much more injured… read more

Wytheville Lyft Accident Lawyer

Did you know you might be able to access a $1 million insurance policy if you get into an accident while riding in a Lyft vehicle? This is just one of many surprises that can happen in these accidents, and why you need a Lyft accident lawyer on your side after your Wytheville accident. Pendleton… read more

Wytheville Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Did you know Virginia requires rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to extend up to $1 million in compensation per accident if you meet certain conditions? You can see if you qualify with the help of Pendleton Law’s rideshare accident lawyers in Wytheville. You’ll learn about these conditions in a moment, but one thing you’ll… read more

Wytheville Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

A “slip and fall” accident is a shorthand term for premises liability. If you get injured on someone else’s property because of their negligence, you can sue for compensation. Slipping and falling is just one of the most common ways these cases happen. If you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, you need… read more

Wytheville Bus Accident Lawyer

School buses, charter buses, and public transit are important to our transportation infrastructure. However, the victims of bus accidents are at a higher risk of severe injuries or death. If you’ve been the victim of a bus accident serving Wytheville, you need a lawyer. The team to call is Pendleton Law Team. We’ve helped victims… read more

Wytheville Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Whether you’re getting a yearly checkup or an important surgery, you expect your doctor to do everything they can to make sure you are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals sometimes make mistakes that put their patients in danger. When this happens, it’s fully within the rights of the patient to seek compensation for their… read more