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Motorcycle accidents can leave victims facing life-threatening injuries, soaring medical bills, and intense physical pain. You deserve fair compensation to help you access the treatment you need to make a full recovery or adjust to a new normal if you suffer disabling impairments.

A Danville motorcycle accident lawyer with The Pendleton Law Team can help. We can handle your entire insurance claim or third-party liability claim while you rest and focus on your health.

Call us today to discuss your legal options. Our Danville personal injury lawyers can begin seeking financial recovery immediately after your free consultation. We have helped thousands of accident victims, and now we want to help you. 

The Importance of Legal Representation After a Motorcycle Accident

Having a skilled Danville motorcycle accident lawyer by your side can greatly influence the outcome of your case. From maneuvering through complex legal procedures to negotiating with insurance companies, a knowledgeable attorney can provide invaluable support.

Your lawyer will: 

  • Investigate the accident
  • Gather evidence
  • Communicate with the liable party, their insurers, and their representatives
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Represent you during litigation

We can accurately assess the value of your claim and work towards maximizing your compensation.

Additionally, having legal representation sends a message to the other parties involved that you’re serious about seeking justice. By entrusting your case to our motorcycle accident attorneys in Danville, VA, you’re increasing your chances of a favorable resolution and ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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Prioritize Your Medical Treatment to Protect Your Health and Motorcycle Accident Case

After a motorcycle accident, your primary focus needs to be on receiving full medical evaluation and treatment for any injuries sustained. Not only is this the first step in your physical recovery process, but it also generates crucial documentation for your Danville motorcycle accident claim.

A Danville motorcycle accident lawyer from The Pendleton Law Team will advise you to avoid any delays in seeking emergency medical care immediately after the collision occurs. Even if you initially feel “okay,” internal injuries and adrenaline can mask symptoms that rapidly worsen without prompt treatment.

Having a record of when symptoms first manifested and the treatments provided creates a direct link between your injuries and the motorcycle accident. This makes it exponentially harder for insurance companies to argue your injuries pre-existed the crash or had other contributing causes.

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Our Motorcycle Collision Lawyers in Danville Fight for Maximum Compensation

When evaluating damages and compensation after a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to understand the full scope of the harm caused and the factors that determine the compensation you may be entitled to.

Damages can encompass various aspects such as: 

  • Medical expenses: Medical expenses cover past and future bills related to the accident, while lost wages compensate for income you couldn’t earn due to injuries. Medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, long-term care or modifications to accommodate injuries, and ongoing treatments, all contribute to your claim. 
  • Lost wages: This compensates you for the time you had to take off work while healing from your injuries. If you can no longer earn your pre-injury income, we can also seek reduced earning capacity. 
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering damages aim to compensate for physical and emotional distress caused by the accident. 
  • Property damage: Property damage includes the cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle.

Factors like the severity of injuries, insurance coverage, liability, and legal precedents play a significant role in determining the compensation you could receive. Calculating these damages accurately is essential to make sure you receive fair compensation for your losses. 

Consulting with a skilled Danville motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate this process effectively and maximize your recovery.

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Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Communicate With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies play a significant role in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, often determining the financial compensation you receive for damages and injuries. Dealing with insurance companies can be intricate and challenging. They may try to minimize the amount they pay out by offering you a quick settlement that may not fully cover your expenses.

It’s essential to be cautious when communicating with insurance adjusters, as they’re focused on protecting their bottom line. Understanding your rights and the extent of your coverage is vital to guarantee you receive fair compensation.

Seeking legal guidance from a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Danville can help you manage the complexities of dealing with insurance companies and maximize your chances of obtaining adequate compensation for your losses.

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Don’t Let the Statute of Limitations Run Out on Your Motorcycle Accident Case

In Virginia, there is a strict statute of limitations that limits the timeframe to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. This legal deadline is set at two years from the date of the motorcycle crash, per Va. Code § 8.01-243.

If you fail to get your lawsuit properly filed before this two-year statute of limitations expires, you will likely lose the ability to pursue compensation through the civil court system permanently. Only very rare exceptions allow for extensions of the statutory deadline.

Two years may seem like ample time initially. However, building a strong motorcycle accident case requires considerable investigation, documentation, negotiations with insurers, and pre-trial motions—all of which take months of diligent effort by your legal team.

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Hiring a Danville motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial for safeguarding your rights and pursuing fair compensation. Our attorneys at The Pendleton Law Team work on a contingency-fee basis, so we never charge up front for our legal services. This also allows us to get working on your case without delay.

Reach out to us as soon as possible, and we can explore your legal options during a free initial consultation.

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