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Types of Virginia Driving Records and How to Get Your Own Copy

Your driving record holds valuable information about your history behind the wheel. If you’ve received a citation for a traffic violation or criminal traffic charge, it’s a good idea to have a copy of your driving record on hand.

A Virginia traffic attorney can help you request a copy of your driving record. If you want to challenge the driving charges brought against you, a lawyer can help you keep unwanted points off of your license.

The Importance of a Good Driving Record

A good driving record can help you mitigate the penalties you might otherwise face if you’re convicted of a criminal charge. That’s why it’s important to know your driving history. You can work with a representative to put your roadway history on display and subsequently challenge or reduce the allegations brought against you.

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What to Expect From Your Virginia Driving Record

Your driving record contains data about your driving habits that could sway the court. A clean driving record is much more likely to get you out of a traffic issue than a record that shows poor driving behavior and points. In general, these documents include:

  • Details about your driving history
  • Personal information
  • Traffic convictions
  • Accidents up to 60 months old
  • License suspensions, revocations, and cancellations
  • The number of points on your license

Information about the number of points you have on your license is crucial to your legal well-being. The DMV uses license points to track poor drivers over time. If you get too many points, Virginia officials could suspend or revoke your license. Similarly, it’s more difficult to defend against a criminal traffic charge with several points on your license.

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The Different Kinds of Virginia Driving Records

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles keeps different types of driving records and transcripts available for its residents’ use. If the need arises, you can work with a lawyer to access the record that may best serve your case. These can include:

Personal Use Driving Records

As the name suggests, personal driving record may solely be used by the individual it discusses. You can reference these documents in criminal court cases, but employers or other authorized agents may not request access to them.

Personal use driving records contain up to eleven years of your driving history. This will include details regarding any accidents you may have been in, as well as any vehicular charges brought against you.

Employment, School, and Military Driving Records

On occasion, employers, potential employers, and similar parties may request access to your driving record. These individuals will not have access to the full history of your time on the road. Instead, you can request an employment, school, or military driving record covering only seven years of your driving history.

You can work with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a copy of your driving record for employment purposes or for any of the other listed above. Alternatively, the DMV can deliver your record to the person or institution of your choice.

TNC Driving Records

Transportation Network Companies, or TNCs, can also gather information about your history as a driver. If you operated or currently operate a motor vehicle for an employer under this banner, TNC will retain records detailing up to seven years of your driving history. In turn, you can request those records for either personal use or use in a court case.

Insurance Driving Records

Your insurance provider wants to know that your rates are as accurate to your needs as possible. As such, the company keeps its own set of records regarding your ability to drive. While you can go through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to secure a copy of this driving record, you can also work with one of your provider’s representatives.

Insurance companies’ driving records cover five years of your history on the road. These records are used explicitly to calculate your insurance rates, but you can access them as evidence of your driving history when facing criminal charges.

Habitual Offender Restoration Record

If a Virginia court has suspended or otherwise revoked your license, you’re expected to jump through a series of hoops to get your right to drive back. One such hoop requires you to petition state courts for the restoration of your driver’s license. This is doable with the help of a habitual offender restoration record. 

While filing for the restoration of your license, you’ll also need a Compliance Summary, a Department of Motor Vehicles Transcript, and a Virginia Alcohol and Safety & Action evaluation. You can work with our team to secure all these documents. After you have everything on hand, we’ll help you file your comprehensive petition within the state’s deadlines.

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How to Obtain Your Virginia Driving Record

If you want to obtain any of the aforementioned Virginia driving records, you can do so for a fee. To get started, go to the Virginia DMV website and go to the Obtaining DMV Records page. If you purchase the record online, the cost is $8 as of this writing. Physical copies can be mailed to you for $9.

By going through the DMV, you’ll get certified copies that serve as official records of your driving history. Your lawyer can also obtain these records should you need one to help you against traffic violation charges.

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Keeping Your Virginia Driving Record Clear

While paying the fine associated with your charge may seem like an easier course of action, accepting that fine serves as an admission of guilt. As such, your payment can see your insurance rates skyrocket and points added to your license.

There may come a point, too, where too many paid fines result in a suspended license. If you challenge the charges brought against you, instead, you can retain your license while fighting to protect both your money and your record. Our team has worked with over 80,000 clients, and we’re ready to put that experience with Virginia’s courts to use for you.

Trust Virginia Criminal Traffic Attorneys With Your Driving Record

We understand how useful a copy of your driving record can be, especially when you’re facing traffic charges. If you want assistance obtaining a copy of your record, you can turn to a Virginia criminal traffic lawyer. Not only can a legal team ensure that you have your documents in order, but you can also request representation in a criminal trial. If you have any questions or want to get started, give us a call at 804-373-7200 or complete our contact form.

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