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A car accident is one of the most frustrating and inconvenient events that anyone could ever experience. Even if you are a good driver, sometimes a collision is beyond your control, and without a lawyer, the amount of your settlement may be too. You may have encountered an auto collision alone, but the Pendleton Law Team can assist you on your road to recovery.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries and property loss after a car wreck in Prince George’s County, car accident lawyers from our personal injury law firm may be able to assist you. In a free case evaluation, a member of our team will assess the details of your case, evaluate the value of your settlement, and advise you of your legal options.

How to Negotiate a Car Accident Settlement Without Speaking to Insurers Directly

A car accident can be traumatizing, and enduring recovery treatments can be daunting. However, speaking to the insurance company after a car wreck can be nerve-wracking. While you are worried about property damage, trying to heal, and managing expenses while missing work, insurers are only worried about one thing: saving their agency money. 

If you can implement the steps below, you may naturally improve your settlement offer:

Preserve or Create Solid Evidence

The moments after your car collision are the second-most detrimental moments that you will experience. Undeniably, the moments leading up to the crash are the most important, but the evidence needed to prove who was the at-fault driver is often found in the details of the aftermath. If possible, preserve or create the following forms of evidence:

  1. Photographic evidence of the accident scene, including various street angles, property damage, injuries, and any helpful imagery, such as skid marks on the road or a fallen stop sign. 
  2. A detailed police report that states your honest recollection of what happened, such as how fast you were driving, the direction you were traveling, if there was an obstruction in the road, etc. 
  3. Record of witness contact information
  4. Medical exam documentation from a healthcare professional immediately after the wreck occurs

Find a Car Accident Lawyer to Review Your Prince George’s County Injury Claim

Many accident victims postpone seeking legal help until after they have received an offer from the insurer that barely covers their accident costs. The best way to avoid jeopardizing your injury claim or personally going back and forth with insurers is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer in the Prince George County area. A skilled attorney can improve your offer by:

  • Conducting an evidence preservation investigation to locate components of the case that can solidify your claim
  • Writing a detailed settlement demand letter to insurers, detailing all accident-related costs that they may have missed
  • Contacting witnesses to corroborate your claim in case trial is necessary
  • Hiring experts such as accident reconstructionists or vocational specialists to provide expert-level testimony on your behalf
  • Maintaining medical records and reviewing billing for discrepancies
  • Preparing you for trial, deposition, or other legal engagements pertaining to your personal injury claim

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The Anatomy of Your Car Accident Settlement Offer

Economic and noneconomic damages make up the two primary categories of insurance settlements. Economic losses are frequently awarded and consist of your monetary losses, such as the cash you have to shell out for hospital expenses and repairs. An insurance provider will use concrete proof, such as your medical bills and damage repair estimates, when determining economic damages.

Any losses that are not monetary but yet have a significant impact on you are considered noneconomic damages. Physical suffering, emotional pain, mental distress, and psychological trauma are a few typical instances. The amount offered as pain and suffering damages might vary depending on a wide range of circumstances, such as:

  • Injury severity
  • Disability, disfigurement, or scarring
  • Lost enjoyment or diminished quality of life
  • Your health status, including any pre-existing injuries
  • The policy limits of the at-fault party

The insurance company will compile this information and use a multiplier to quantify how much to offer you for your injuries. For soft-tissue injuries such as sprains and strains, the multiplier will be lower as opposed to those with catastrophic injuries, whose multiplier is higher. The total sum of your Prince George County settlement is also impacted by the accident lawyer’s skills. 

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Misleading Accident Claim Myths to Be Aware of

The best time to contact a car accident lawyer is immediately following your accident so that we can get to work overseeing the details of your case before insurers reach out to you. Ideally, we’d like to build leverage and circumvent any misleading information that could potentially ruin your claim. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the opportunity to circumvent the following myths:

The Insurance Company Offers What Your Case is Worth

The objective of insurance companies, which are businesses, is to reduce payouts. They commonly make meager settlement offers in the hopes that the victim will accept and waive their legal rights. In order to negotiate on your behalf and guarantee that you receive a fair settlement, it is crucial to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side early on.

Compensation Can Be Resolved Quickly

Settlements can take some time, and insurance companies may prolong them in an effort to exhaust you. Exercising patience and working with a lawyer who can guide you through the procedure will keep things moving in the right direction, which is more important than speed.

Your Settlement Is Guaranteed To Cover All Future Expenses

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the average hospitalization bill for a car accident victim is $15,321.00. Settlements are meant to make up for your past, present, and future losses, but even with a vocational expert, it can be a challenge to foresee every expense. However, your attorney will provide a thorough breakdown of your settlement award.

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Are you struggling with what to say to the insurance company following your accident? Do you need help managing the moving parts of your injury case, like submitting evidence, negotiating with insurers, and knowing your filing deadlines? Contact the Pendleton Law Team to manage your claim. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to review your case for eligibility. 

Our accident lawyers handle Prince George’s County auto accident cases frequently and have built a reputation for being “Heavy Hitters®” in our field of personal injury law. With the robust legal support of a top-rated personal injury firm, you can rest assured that your car wreck case will be managed professionally in every aspect. Schedule a free consultation today!

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