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Prince George County Truck Accident Lawyer

Over the years, Virginia State Route 156 has seen its fair share of multi-car pileups, cattle truck collisions, and tragic truck wreck fatalities. The state has increased its budget for new safety infrastructure, but the reality is that trucks will always be dangerous to collide with. Filing an injury claim without legal representation increases the risk and may end up costing you more money.

If you were in a commercial truck accident in Prince George County, Virginia, lawyers from the Pendleton Law Team are ready to hear from you. We will discuss case details, estimate damages, and advise you on your legal options during a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Prepare for our consultation by learning about the important components of your truck accident injury claim and how our law office will fight to protect your rights.

Three Mistakes Truck Accident Victims Must Avoid

Because they are unsure how to fully benefit from their accident, some victims cooperate with insurance providers, seek reassurance, and self-treat their injuries after a collision. Our personal injury lawyers have determined what you, as an accident victim, should avoid after your Prince George County truck accident.  

1. Agreeing to the Insurance Company’s Recorded Call

Wait until you’ve spoken with your semi-truck accident lawyer about the legal strategy for your Prince George County truck collision before agreeing to a recorded phone call with the insurance company. The insurers are obligated to try to save money and minimize liability. Therefore, anything you say will be used for their financial gain.

Furthermore, after a truck accident, victims are unaware of the full extent of their injuries and how they will be affected in the long run. During those calls, the insurer usually asks about your health to get a feel for how much they should offer you. Accepting a recorded statement before beginning treatment puts you at a significant disadvantage. 

2. Sharing Your Accident on Social Media

There may be legal consequences for sharing details about your truck accident on social media. Posting on social media about the incident or your injuries can jeopardize your case and your credibility in court. Your social media posts may be used against you as evidence, especially if they don’t match your testimony or imply that your injuries are more minor than reported.

Sharing details about the incident or your injuries may also provide the insurance company with justification to delay or deny your injury claim entirely. Refrain from posting about your truck collision on any platform and only discuss your case with your Prince George’s County truck accident attorney.

3. Skipping or Delaying Medical Treatment

Missing doctor appointments can weaken your case because it gives the insurance company or defense lawyer a chance to say that you contributed to your injuries somehow. They may argue that your failure to follow your doctor’s recommendations contributed to your injuries or that you are not doing enough to mitigate your damages.

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Turn Your Evidence Into Recoverable Expenses

In all personal injury cases, negligence must be proven in connection with a breach of duty and proof of damages. In order to assign liability to the responsible party, the evidence must be present. The following forms of evidence will ensure that your claim can be filed to seek compensation for your losses: 

File a Police Report

The police report is an official record of your accident and provides credible details about what caused the truck collision. When giving your recollection of events, only provide factual information. Omit any assumptive statements that you didn’t see. 

Also, never disclose that you don’t need medical care. Instead, insist that you will see a doctor shortly, even if you feel fine.

Collect Information

According to the Virginia Highway Safety Office, there were 4,953 commercial truck crashes in 2021. Because truck collisions can result in catastrophic injuries, collecting evidence at the scene is not expected, but it is strongly encouraged. Gathering photographic evidence, witness contact information, or video of the accident scene, preserves evidence that may be quickly lost.

Visit a Doctor

Just like the police report, your doctor’s medical exam will become an official form of evidence to be used in your injury case. Because your health is a top priority, seeking medical attention right away will save you from further harm from an asymptomatic injury. The sooner you can be examined and treated, the better your case will be in proving that the truck accident caused you harm. 

Retain Legal Help

Finding an experienced Prince George County truck accident lawyer can be hard to find. You will need to locate a legal firm that has extensive experience in trucking accidents, is a lawyer, and matches the level of professionalism that you need to trust in their strategy. Your case can vastly improve with the help of a skilled attorney familiar with trucking regulations.

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Improve Your Chances of Winning Your Accident Case in Prince George County Truck

Aside from evidence gathering, you can contribute to the success of your truck accident case by prioritizing the following:

Focus on Healing

You are responsible for mitigating the damage done by prioritizing your recovery. Instead of contacting the trucking company or their insurer yourself, allow us to contact them on your behalf. Your ability to focus on healing will show how much your injuries have slowed you down or left you with limited mobility. 

Initiate Claims Process By the Deadline

There is a statute of limitations for each state that dictates how long a victim has to file an injury claim in order to be compensated. This legal deadline allows evidence to be gathered quickly, insurance claims to be expedited, and fairness for both parties to be promoted. In Virginia, the deadline is two years from the date that your Prince George County truck wreck occurred.

There are many moving parts that go into the legal process of filing a personal injury claim it is best to file immediately to allow time for documents to be served and the investigation to be fully conducted. By hiring a commercial truck accident lawyer, Prince George County’s legal deadline will be met so that you do not miss the opportunity to recoup your losses. 

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