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One of the most widely used ride-sharing applications in the United States is Lyft. Millions of clients depend on them to provide safe transportation to and from their destinations. But do you know what to do if a Lyft driver hits you or your vehicle?

Pendleton Law’s Lyft accident lawyers in Chesterfield can assist. Our company has handled numerous instances involving ridesharing accidents. We are aware of the difficulties of taking on a significant corporation, and we have succeeded in obtaining favorable settlements for our clients.

Whose Insurance Pays for Lyft Car Accident Damages?

Contractors must always have their own automobile insurance that complies with Virginia insurance laws while driving for Lyft. Additionally, Lyft offers liability insurance for the subsequent situations:

  1. While waiting for customers, the Lyft app is open.
  2. While traveling or transporting a client, the Lyft app is open.

In the absence of the Lyft app, the driver is responsible for any accidents and must use their own insurance. The specifics of Lyft’s insurance coverage for the aforementioned situations can be read on their website. All insurance policies have restrictions.

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How a Lyft Accident Attorney Can Aid You in Making a Personal Injury Claim

You may be entitled to compensation if a Lyft driver causes an accident when you are a pedestrian, a passenger, or the driver of another vehicle. All parties involved may find liability discovery difficult, but hiring legal counsel can make things easier.

The highest compensation amount for your losses can be negotiated with insurance companies by our Chesterfield Lyft accident attorneys. You receive legal assistance by using our services with:

  • Gathering information and determining who is to blame for the Lyft accident
  • Submitting claims and interacting with insurance
  • Interacting with everyone involved in the vehicle accident
  • Processing materials before deadlines for submission
  • Recording losses to determine the value of your case
  • Expert witnesses, medical specialists, and others must cooperate to support your claim.
  • Court representation

You might be wondering whether you need a lawyer for a Lyft accident if you have legal experience dealing with large insurance firms. To assess your situation and enable you to make an educated choice, our offices offer a free initial consultation.

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Who Is Held Responsible for a Lyft Car Accident?

Depending on the specifics of the collision, Lyft and the driver can both be held accountable. How it happened, who was involved, and whether the Lyft driver was assigned to you all play a significant role in determining fault. Be aware that liability may change if the driver is an employee as opposed to an independent contractor.

Because rideshare drivers are viewed as independent contractors in Virginia, the primary factor affecting your claim is the activity they were engaged in at the time. Although the laws governing ridesharing liability can be complicated, your lawyer will always go over all of your available legal choices.

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What Damages are Recoverable After a Lyft car accident?

The compensation received following a Lyft accident is comparable to the compensation received in other personal injury cases. Your Chesterfield accident attorney will try to recover the following losses:

  • Medical expenses resulting from the incident and for further care
  • Lost wages or pay adjustments as a result of the injury
  • The harm done to bikes, cars, or other property
  • Injuries with permanent repercussions can cause pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages in the rare instances of severe negligence

Your claim’s worth is determined by the specifics of your situation, including causes, insurance coverage limits, the extent of your injuries, and other elements.

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Injuries Commonly Reported in a Lyft Car Accident

Injury from car accidents can be rather serious. The severity of your injuries will be taken into consideration when determining the settlement price for your claim in order to assess the worth of your compensation package. Common wounds consist of:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Brain damage
  • Bone fractures
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Brain damage
  • Soft-tissue damage
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma-related stress disorder

While not all injuries are covered by this list, a doctor can identify yours and properly document them for the purposes of your claim. After a Lyft automobile accident, our Chesterfield legal team can put you in touch with medical professionals to help you on your path to a full recovery.

What to Do Following a Lyft Accident

Call 911 to report a car accident. When the police show up there, they will check on your well-being and offer to call the paramedics if you have serious wounds. Never acknowledge fault or a lack of harm. Instead, seek medical attention and provide a truthful account of the events that led up to the accident.

Take pictures of the vehicle accident scene if you can, and collect contact information from any witnesses. It is essential to seek legal advice prior to speaking with insurance, so think about working with an accident lawyer.

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Due to the numerous moving elements, accidents involving rideshare vehicles like Lyft can be challenging. The lawyers at Pendleton Law are here to assist because it can be difficult to represent yourself in front of insurance companies while making physical progress.

Contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our Lyft accident attorneys in Chesterfield. You won’t be required to pay for our services if we lose because our offices operate on a contingent fee basis. We’re eager to get you the compensation you deserve.

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