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Bus accidents can involve several parties, significant legal issues, and catastrophic injuries to passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. Therefore, consulting with a bus accident lawyer who assists Portsmouth, VA, victims to achieve justice through fair compensation is crucial. 

Your injuries may qualify you to receive a large settlement, whether you were a passenger on a bus or another driver in the collision. Similarly, the surviving family members of those involved in a deadly bus accident might also be entitled to compensation. Before speaking to insurers, allow the Pendleton Law Team to prepare you for the legal process that lies ahead.

Legal Preparation Before Speaking With Insurers

In any personal injury accident, insurance providers will be in the picture to investigate the details of the accident and assess the damages to all involved. Therefore, to preserve your rights and maximize your compensation potential, you must be ahead of the insurers and prepare. 

Firstly, it is extremely important that you do all that you can to compile any pertinent data about the bus collision. The components that hold the most weight during negotiations or in court are photographic or video evidence of the scene, witness statements, and police reports. If you are able to attain all three, you will put yourself in a great position to negotiate a higher settlement. 

Secondly, being aware of your legal rights and your options as a bus accident victim will give you the power to leverage a higher-paying settlement as well. By speaking with a bus accident lawyer for Portsmouth victims before talking to the insurers, you will be equipped to avoid saying things that could damage your claim.

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The Truth About Your Accident Settlement

When it comes to accidents, there are a few things that the insurance company intentionally hides from victims. The main thing is that the primary settlement offer will always be the lowest and furthest from what you truly deserve. Your proper settlement amount should reflect multiple factors, including the extent of your injuries, who is responsible, and more.

How Injuries Affect Bus Accident Settlements

The extent and seriousness of injuries caused in the accident can impact bus accident compensation. In general, the settlement amount may be higher the more severe and pervasive the injuries. This is because accidents may lead to high medical costs, missed wages, and other financial and non-financial harms that may affect the victim’s quality of life.

On the other hand, a reduced settlement sum can be awarded for minor wounds like cuts, bruises, or sprains. But it’s crucial to remember that even seemingly minor wounds can have a lasting impact on the victim’s life and shouldn’t be disregarded.

For non-economic damages such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), settlement amounts will be calculated with the help of a medical expert like a therapist, who can quantify your suffering and provide expert testimony. 

Responsibility for a Bus Accident

  1. Driver: If the bus driver was operating the vehicle carelessly, excessively quickly, or while intoxicated, they may be held accountable. 
  2. Bus company: If the bus company neglected to maintain the bus correctly or did not give the driver enough training, they may be held accountable for the accident. 
  3. Bus manufacturer: The maker of the bus or any of its parts may be held accountable if a mechanical issue or defective part led to the accident. 
  4. Other motorists: If any other drivers or pedestrians involved in the collision contributed to it, they may also be held accountable. 
  5. Government entities: In some circumstances, local government organizations in charge of maintaining roads and managing traffic may also be held accountable for bus accidents. 

With the help of a knowledgeable bus accident lawyer, an investigation can reveal multiple parties who may have contributed to the accident that you experienced. Multiple parties can mean multiple injury claims, and your attorney is fully equipped to manage them for you. 

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An Overview of Virginia’s Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations was designed to protect the victim and the defendant by setting an applicable time limit on how long a person has to file a personal injury claim. It protects the victim, or the plaintiff, by ensuring timely processing of evidence and a settlement judgment. In contrast, it protects the opposing party, or the defendant, from claims that may be too old to remember. 

In Virginia, the allotted time frame to file a personal injury claim is two years from the date of your Portsmouth bus collision. Lawyers from our firm have never missed a filing deadline and will always ensure that your legal paperwork is handled appropriately. If you are unsure how much time you have left, we can assess your claim and begin working to have things submitted on time.

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We Offer Free Legal Help Now And Allow You To Pay Later

The Pendleton Law Team is a Virginia-based personal injury law firm that runs on a contingency-fee pricing model. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the possibility of receiving the legal help they need without the dread of being unable to afford it. After a Portsmouth bus accident, attorneys from our firm will provide you with a complimentary consultation session to evaluate your claim and estimate your bus case’s worth. 

If you are satisfied with us, we can begin working on your case immediately and will cover all of the costs needed to win your case. Our payment will be collected from a portion of the final settlement so that you can recover in peace. Contact us today to learn how we can serve you.

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