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While commuting to and from work, school, or your daily activities, the use and sight of rideshare vehicles like Lyft and Uber have become a common sight but knowing what to do if a collision occurs is different. There are steps as a pedestrian, motorist, or cyclist that you can take to protect yourself, including hiring the Pendleton Law Team to help you.

Our rideshare accident attorneys serve in Portsmouth and throughout Virginia, fighting for fair compensation against insurance agencies that try to lowball or invalidate the personal injury claims brought against rideshare drivers. 

In a free consultation session, a personal injury attorney near Portsmouth will evaluate your case and inform you of the worth of your case, the best legal decisions, and create a case strategy to win damages owed to you after your wreck. 

Pinpointing Who Is Responsible in a Rideshare Accident

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a ridesharing accident in Virginia, and several variables may play a role. It’s critical to capture these elements if you’ve been in a ridesharing accident and to seek the counsel of an accomplished lawyer.

  1. Reckless behavior: Liability in every accident is heavily influenced by negligence, and ridesharing incidents are no different. Identification of the responsible party may be aided by evidence of negligence, such as distracted driving, speeding, or failing to yield.
  2. Policy limits: The amount and type of insurance that rideshare firms commonly offer to their drivers can change depending on the accident’s specifics. If a passenger was being actively transported by the driver, the ridesharing company’s insurance policy is probably liable. However, the driver’s personal insurance coverage can be held liable if they were not actively transporting a passenger.
  3. Dangerous road conditions: Liability in a ridesharing accident can also be impacted by the state of the roads. For instance, if the road was snowy or wet and the vehicle exceeded the recommended speed limit, they could be held accountable. Similar to this, responsibility for an accident may be split among several parties if road hazards or construction were a factor.
  4. Other motorists: Last but not least, a ridesharing accident may also be impacted by passenger behavior. A passenger may be held partially accountable for the collision if they were endangering other road users or distracting the driver.

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Know Your Best Option for a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

You have several options when choosing a rideshare collision lawyer near Portsmouth. But not every law firm is made equal. The Pendleton Law Team is convinced that we are the best firm for your case because of the following factors: 


Our legal staff has extensive knowledge handling matters involving auto accidents. We have successfully defended a wide range of clients, and we are knowledgeable about Portsmouth’s laws and rules pertaining to auto accidents. Even the most difficult instances will not be too much for us to handle as we defend your rights.

Client-Centered Methodology

We are committed to offering first-rate client care. We adhere to the principle of treating our customers with decency, empathy, and respect. Throughout the legal process, our team is available to address your queries and worries. To get the best result for you, we’ll put in endless effort.

Individualized Attention for Your Case

We are aware that every auto accident situation is different. We do this by taking the time to hear your perspective and comprehend your requirements and objectives. We will give you individualized service and adapt our strategy to your particular demands.


No matter their financial status, everyone should have access to competent legal assistance. We guarantee results or you won’t owe us for our services due to our contingency fee payment structure. We think it’s important to take the risk so you don’t have to.

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Various Legal Alternatives to Collecting Compensation Following a Car Accident

Your lawyer may submit an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, depending on the situation, to get the damages you’re entitled. We will try to obtain the following damages on your behalf, whether they have to bargain with insurance or litigate your recovery:

  • Expenses for present, ongoing, and upcoming medical care
  • Costs of hospital stays and ambulance rides as well as other emergency medical services
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Property repair costs
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning potential as a result of persistent physical limitations 
  • Distress and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • The inability to enjoy life
  • Punitive damages

To determine how much you are owed, our auto accident lawyers near Portsmouth can use copies of your medical bills and other financial records. Additionally, they will employ algorithms created particularly to calculate the amount you should be compensated for losses like physical discomfort and mental anguish.

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Injuries Our Personal Injury Firm Has Represented in Rideshare Cases

Our team at Christina Pendleton & Associates has accumulated legal experience spanning years of legal service to Virginia residents. We have assisted rideshare victims in recovering from a wide range of wounds over the course of our extensive careers. We have the skill required to work with your doctors and other experts to determine how much money you’ll need.

We work hard to secure for you the assistance required to treat and manage any of the following conditions:

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We at the Pendleton Law Team understand how you must be feeling, and we are here to provide you with the sympathetic advice and tenacious defense you require to get through this trying time. Contact us to arrange a no-cost consultation with an accident attorney from our Portsmouth team who handles rideshare wrecks. We’re here to help when you are ready. 

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