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After being in a slip-and-fall accident, you may be experiencing severe pain, but the good news is that you could qualify for a lucrative personal injury settlement. The cost of a slip and fall accident varies per person, but your medical bills and other expenses related to your fall could be recovered by one of our slip and fall accident attorneys who serves Portsmouth, Virginia.

The personal injury law firm of the Pendleton Law Team is known as the “Heavy Hitters®” by insurance agencies because of our ability to uncover different types of compensation for our clients instead of settling for less.

If you’ve been hurt and maximum compensation is what you are seeking, experience the comprehensive support and litigation techniques of our personal injury lawyers in Portsmouth, beginning with a free, no-obligation case assessment.

Is It Possible to Win a Lawsuit for a Slip and Fall Accident?

In some situations, you can win a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident. Every personal injury claim requires a precise description of your actions at the time of the occurrence and what caused you to fall.
A slip and fall case is only successful if it can be shown that the property owner’s duty of care to maintain a safe environment was neglected and, as a result, visitors were harmed. Things that contribute to a slip and fall accident usually include wet floors, poor lighting, or loose or damaged walkway surfaces.

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Slip and Fall Settlement Award Factors Explained

According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, billions of dollars are paid yearly as a cost of compensation and medical care for employee slip/fall incidents. For victims who are not employees, the settlements paid may be just as high, but each case is different.

The best way to estimate the worth of your slip and fall case is to speak with experienced slip and fall accident lawyers near Portsmouth. Our premises liability lawyers have the resources to consult with medical and vocational experts to calculate the following economic losses and non-economic damages:

  • Medical expenses- including ambulance bills, prescription costs, medical equipment fees, and more
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages (rare)

Premises liability accidents like slip and fall cases can win larger settlements depending on where the fall occurred and if there were multiple accountable parties. A lawyer that handles slip and fall accidents in Portsmouth from our firm will fight to win you the highest possible compensation benefits.

Common Injury Reports of Slip and Fall Accidents

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveal that damaged flooring contributes to over two million slips and falls each year. Your injury type, the location of your wound, and whether it requires serious or long-term care are vital components of your compensation package.

Since the severity of your injuries greatly impacts your settlement offer, it is helpful to know what common injuries arise from a slip and fall accident. Typical injuries that are reported include:

  • Shattered hips
  • Broken vertebrae
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neck or spinal cord damage
  • Knee injuries

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What Are My Chances of Winning My Slip and Fall Case?

If you were a visitor, you must show that the property owner was aware of the hazardous condition and disregarded it despite having the duty to ensure that it was managed and safe for visitors to enjoy. The burden of evidence is the victim’s responsibility.

It might be challenging to establish productive knowledge. The business owner may decide to claim ignorance of the problem in order to escape responsibility and a sizable settlement. Our attorneys, who specialize in slip and fall accidents in Portsmouth, are professionals at finding the truth by scrutinizing the available evidence and posing the appropriate questions.

Additionally, if you were to blame for your fall in any way, under Virginia’s contributory negligence law, this could greatly jeopardize your eligibility to file a compensation claim. Checking with your lawyer would be the most accurate way to verify the probability of winning a compensation award.

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Crucial Steps for Slip and Fall Injury Victims

To improve your chances of winning a fair settlement, empower yourself by implementing the following critical steps immediately following your slip and fall personal injury accident:

Get a Medical Evaluation

You should put our health and well-being first. Immediately seek medical care, even if you think your wounds are small. Some injuries might not show symptoms right away or be more serious than they seem. Keep track of any medical examinations, procedures, and costs associated with your injury.

Report Your Fall Immediately

As soon as you learn of the mishap, contact the building’s owner, management, or the appropriate authorities. Make sure to request the filing of an incident report and to get a copy for your records. for the event is reported, a formal record of the accident is created, which might be important for submitting a claim

Compile Evidence Regarding the Scene

Take pictures or videos of the potentially dangerous circumstances that led to your fall, such as a damp floor, an uneven surface, or dim lighting. Also, document any injuries you can see. If there were any onlookers at the accident, make sure you have their contact details, as witness testimony can help strengthen your case.

Also, maintain any observable proof of your accident. This may apply to tattered clothing, worn-out shoes, or any other items that increase the risk. Don’t fix or change the evidence since it could be important.

Act Within the Statute of Limitations

The kind of case you have will determine how long you have to file a lawsuit in Virginia. A statute of limitations was established as a result of the Sixth Amendment to set limits on how long you had to initiate a lawsuit, bring up a criminal case, etc. An older injury claim is more difficult to support. Injuries can heal, paperwork gets misplaced, and memories fade.

A property damage claim covers items like the decreased worth of your possessions as a result of the trip and fall, such as your mobile phone, laptop, and anything else that was on your person and got destroyed in the collision.

The second claim is a physical harm claim, and we represent our clients in this one. Back pain, bruising, fractured bones, anxiety related to the collision, and other physical harm are all covered by this claim. If you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit and a property damage claim after a slip and fall in Portsmouth, lawyers from our legal firm are available to assist you.

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