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Portsmouth Truck Accident Lawyer

After being hit by a commercial truck, the last thing you want to do is explain your situation to multiple lawyers in the hopes of finding one who fulfills your communication and legal resolution expectations. The Pendleton Law Team provides much more. Following your commercial accident in Portsmouth, our truck crash attorneys can provide legal advice and tactical help.

We are a personal injury law practice that is concerned about your well-being while seeking appropriate compensation to alleviate your financial hardship. Any collision can be traumatic, but truck accidents are among the most terrifying. Our firm can analyze your case and demand payment that will help you recover from your injuries, property damage, and anxiety.

Before booking a complimentary session with us, learn what to look for in a personal injury lawyer, how to strengthen your claim, and ways that this firm can best assist you.

Tips to Prove Negligence in a Portsmouth Commercial Accident Case

Before beginning to calculate the value of your truck accident settlement, the following tips should be met:

Satisfy the Statute of Limitations Requirements for Portsmouth, VA

Evidence and the validity of your claim are on an expiring clock. The statute of limitations for Portsmouth, VA, is two years for both personal injury and property damage claims. So, as a victim, you have up to two years from the date of the accident to pursue legal action. To prove negligence, you need to file your claim and serve the offender with legal documents on time.

A knowledgeable attorney will notify you if your case has special circumstances that require you to file sooner than two years. If you miss the deadline, a personal injury lawyer can advise you of potential exceptions. Otherwise, you forfeit your chance of winning a lucrative settlement. 

Document Evidence to Secure Compensation

Due to contributory negligence laws in Virginia, you will need to prove that the commercial truck driver bears all responsibility. Unless you hire an attorney, you will need to be a proficient record keeper. This includes taking pictures or videos of the accident scene, getting statements and witness information for later testimonies, and filing a detailed police report at the scene. 

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Navigate Truck Accident Law With the Right Attorney

Trucking accidents are complex incidents that require patience, connections, and legal expertise to successfully resolve. Even with solid evidence against a commercial driver, the insurance company will try to save profits by offering far less than what you deserve. With the right attorney on your side, it will be impossible to be taken advantage of. Seek a lawyer that:

  • Has experience: When looking for a truck accident lawyer near Portsmouth, look for one who has won truck accident cases in the past. This ensures that your lawyer knows the unique challenges and restrictions faced in these instances as well as the appropriate laws and regulations that are imperative to winning your case.
  • Discusses lawyer fees upfront: Nothing is worse than a surprise bill. Before signing a contract with any lawyer, discuss the fees associated with their legal services upfront. This firm uses a contingency fee billing model, meaning we work to win your case and will only get paid after a settlement is reached. We discuss our rate during the free consultation session. 
  • Has good reviews: Recommendations and reviews are an indication of proven success for any business. Our legal team’s professionalism, communication, and empathy for our clients continue to rank us as a highly-rated truck accident law firm for Portsmouth, VA, clients.  

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How Our Firm Calculates Your Portsmouth Truck Accident Compensation

The amount of distress and loss that you are experiencing may be incomprehensible to some, but to the attorneys at this firm, we empathize and want to fight for all that you deserve. Instead of aiming to win the average settlement amount for a trucking accident in Portsmouth, our attorneys will analyze and quantify every accident-related factor and loss possible. Including:

  1. Who is responsible for your trucking accident: Sometimes multiple parties can be at-fault for your collision. Examples include the truck driver, trucking company, cargo company that loads the truck, maintenance crew that maintains the vehicle, and trucking manufacturer. There may be more, but multiple parties mean multiple lawsuits to file. 
  2. Your accident-related medical costs: This includes hospitalization, medical tests, prescription medicine, in-home care, outpatient therapy, injury-related modifications made to your home or vehicle, and more. 
  3. Pain and suffering: Physical pain and emotional anguish can be harder to calculate, but with the help of medical experts, we can compute how this accident has impacted your life if you now suffer from anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  4. Income changes: Chances are, your injuries are so severe that you have had to miss work or accept shorter hours while in recovery. For wage loss, change in benefits, and even future income reductions, our semi-truck accident lawyers can demand more from your Portsmouth settlement.
  5. Wrongful Death: If the Portsmouth truck accident resulted in a fatality, our wrongful death lawyers extend condolences and compassionate legal support to get you through this tragic moment. We can file the claim to ensure funeral and burial costs are paid and that loss of consortium, loss of services, and medical bills are covered as well. 

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Find a Good Lawyer After a Truck Collision

Finding a qualified car accident lawyer after a truck crash in Portsmouth, VA, is essential for receiving a settlement that fully covers your damages. With so many law firms advertising a guaranteed settlement, choosing what’s right for you can be hard. The Pendleton Law Team invites you to contact us today and schedule a free consultation to see if we fit your standards.

Instead of guaranteeing the average settlement, we promise to evaluate your case with the utmost attention to find recoverable damages that most settlement offers miss. We have extensive experience in handling truck accident cases, and our top-rated reviews speak for the efficiency and integrity of our personal injury law firm. 

If you are worried about costs, our Virginia law office works on a contingency fee basis. You deserve to receive adequate representation without stressing over retainer fees and hourly billing. Check out our reviews and schedule an appointment with us today.

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